The Toughest Garage Floor Paint

The toughest garage floor paint must be durable enough to take bumps knocks and heavy items.

We look at some of the paints available on the UK market designed to protect against the demands put upon a garage

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Toughest Garage Floor Paint 2021

The top spot of the toughest garage floor paints we tested was Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint.

It is a hard wearing coating suited for the demands of a garage floor and dries to a mid sheen finish.

Gargage Floor Coating Comparisons

Floor PaintCoverage Rate per LitreDrying Time to walk On
Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint1116-24
Secure Floor Coating9-1024
Floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint616-24
Paintmaster Floor Paint6-824
TA Paints Floor Paint8-1024

1. Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint

Leyland trade manufacture industrial and commercial paints to a high standard.

Their garage floor paint is a quality coating designed to tackle the demands that are placed on this type of floor.

It is available in a range of colours.

The main features of Leyland Trade Floor Paint are:

  • The paint is easy to apply
  • Dries to a visually pleasing stain finish
  • It is suitable for concrete and wooden floors
  • The coating is extremely durable and resistant to mild chemicals.
  • Designed to protect against spillage and heavy cleaning

This is a trade grade paint that is available for DIY use.

It is a two coat system and is polyurethane alkyd coating which is durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and other demands that a garage environment throws at it.

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2. Secure Floor Coatings

The secure floor coating floor paint is an industrial grade strength floor coating.

The paint is suitable for concrete, wood and non galvanised metals.

The main features of the secure floor coatings paint are:

  • Available in a range of 12 different colours
  • Durable paint designed for heavy traffic
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Finishes to a semi gloss level

This paint is oil based and designed for use where there will be heavy machinery.

It can take some time to dry, so please have this in mind if storing large items in your garage.

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3. Floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint

The floor saver floor paint is a two pack epoxy resin.

Two pack coatings are hardwearing industrial paints and this one is designed to be used in to provide tough protection.

The main features of the Floorsaver paint are:

  • A Heavy duty paint designed for garage floors
  • Can be used in home as well as industrial locations
  • Low odour paint
  • Chemically resistant paint
  • Long lasting

As the paint is a two pack system, it requires the paint plus a curing agent.

Full instructions are supplied with the paint and it is easy to mix then apply.

Cars should be left for 3 days before driving onto the fresh coating.

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4. Paintmaster Polyurethane Floor Paint

This polureathane floor paint by Paintmaster is easy to apply.

The main features of Paintmaster Polyurethane are:

  • Great protection for internal floors
  • Good durability in tough conditions
  • Can be used on concrete, wood and stone surfaces
  • Can also be used in industrial environments.
  • Available in a range of colours

Again this product is designed for floors and therefore deigned to withstand tougher conditions.

The paint must be left to dry between coats and should be left to cure before placing vehicles upon it.

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5. TA Paints Floor Paint

The floor paint by TA Paints is available in a large range of colours for a floor paint.

So if you are looking to add a splash of colour to your garage or other flooring, rather than the generic grey, this may be the choice for you.

The main features of the TA Paint floor paint are:

  • It is a quick drying coating
  • Its a Polyurethane, so very durable
  • Single pack paint, no mixing with curing agent required.
  • Can be used on concrete, meals, stone, wood
  • Apply by brush or roller

If you are looking to re-coat your garage floor this a very good choice

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Garage floor paints must be extremely durable.

If cars, motorcycles, bikes and other objects like lawnmowers are constantly going in and out, it needs to last.

Check to see what the coating is manufactured from.

Epoxy resins and polyurethane coating are the harder wearing coatings designed to withstand heavy use and spillages.

Have a garage floor coating project coming up? Let us know how you get on.

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