Paint Coating Manufacturers UK

Paint and Coating manufacturers vary in size from local companies to global giants with hundreds of brands and products. The table provides some basic information of manufacturers known for decorative and protective coatings in the UK.

ManufacturerDetailsTypical Products
Akzo NobelAkzo Nobel are a global paint manufacturing giant with several well known brands under their umbrella. Their head quarters are in the Netherlands. They have been around since 1792.Dulux, International, Sikkens and Interpon
Albany by BrewersBrewers are decorating merchants offering a large choice of paints and consumable. Albany is their recently launched own brand of products. They are based in Eastbourne, East SussexAlbany decorative and trade paints
Andrews CoatingsBased in Wolverhampton, Andrews Coatings provide industrial coatings such as Rust-Oleum and Coo-Var. They manufacture their own specialist coatings such as reflective paint and anti graffiti coating.Andcoat own brand specialist paints
AxaltaAxalta are a global coatings manufacture offering a range of powder and liquid coatings designed for agriculture, construction, general industrial, architectural and decorative finishes.Large range of specialist industrial coatings.
BlackfriarBlackfriar paints have been in operation since 1894. They are now part of the TOR Coatings group based in County Durham. They manufacture paints designed for the premium paint market for trade and DIY enthusiastsBlackfriar High end decorative Paints
Britannia PaintsBritannia Paints have an impressive pedigree behind the company as it is run by the great grandsons of Johnstone Paints founder, James. Based in Cheshire they manufacture specialist coatings for a wide range of substrates.Britannia Paints. Large Range of industrial coating solutions.
Carr CoatingsOwned by Trimite, Carr Coatings offer “own brand” coatings for decorative and industrial finishes. The warehouse is based in RedditchSupplying private label paints and coatings.
Coo-VarHull-based Coo-Var manufacture specialist coatings that are designed to cover problem areas. Originating in 1908 they have a vast knowledge of design and producing specialist industrial and decorative products in a variety of ranges.Coo-Var Specialist Industrial coating solutions
Craig & RoseDeveloped by James Craig and Hugh Rose in Scotland in 1829. Today they produce quality high-end products in their 1829 and artisan range.Craig and Rose Decorative Paints
CromadexCromadex is part of the Interpon/Akzo Nobel group. They manufacture coatings designed for the general industrial market. Their range includes specialist protective coatings which they have been making for over 35 years.Cromadex specialist industrial coatings.
Crown PaintsCrown Paints have been a UK producer of paint coatings for over 100 years. They are based in Darwen, Lancashire. A household name in the home decor market. The Crown Brand was launched in 1966 and they became the first brand to launch a one coat paint. They also were the first to introduce testing pots and non-drip paint. The name is well recognised for their sponsorship of Liverpool kit of the 1980s. They are now part of the Hempel Global Paint company.Crown Decorative Paints
Crown TradeCrown Trade is the professional arm of Crown. They have trade counters around the UK supplying products to professional painters and decorators. They also supply specialist products designed to cover problem areas.Crown Trade Paints
Designers GuildDesigners Guild are more known for their wallcoverings and fabric collections. They also produce quality paints for walls available in a matt chalky finish.Designers Guild Paint
DuluxFor almost 100 years Dulux paints are one of, if not, the most recognised manufacturer of DIY paints in the UK. The Old English Sheep Dog adverts are a well-remembered and associated with the brand. For internal areas, they pretty much have every paint available and for the exterior, they have the weather shield range. Part of the Akzo Nobel group.Dulux Decorative Products, Weathershield
Dulux TradeDulux Trade is the professional arm of Dulux with Dulux Decorators centres found across the UK. They sell to the trade and the formulations of the paint differ for decorators. The paint is normally better quality and therefore more expensive. Read the difference between trade and retail paint.Dulux Trade Paints
Earthborn PaintsHigh-quality eco-friendly paints are produced by Earthborn. They have been awarded the first UK licence of the EU Ecolabel for Indoor Paints. The company is based in FrodshamEarthborn Eco Emulsions
Farrow & BallFarrow and Ball have developed a reputation for producing quality high-end coatings. The company is based in Wimbourne, Dorset and its name is associated with the latest interior trends and coloursFarrow and Ball Range
Fired EarthA relative newcomer to the paint market fired Earth started out in business as a terracotta tile producer. Their paint range has trendy interior options. Their head office is based in Banbury Oxfordshire.Fired Earth Paint Range
Firwood PaintsFirwood Paints started business in 1925. They design and manufacture specialist paints for commercial and industrial use. The company is based in Bolton.Firwood Floor Paints, Firwood Industrial Paints
GiromaxGiromax is based in Lutterworth. They manufacture specialist paints for use on industrial cladded units especially in the treatment of cut edge corrosion and gutters.Giromax Girosil
HMG PaintsManchester-based HMG produces a range of specialist commercial and industrial-grade paints.HMG Paints
Hydron CoatingsHydron produces specialist protective coatings such as anti-graffiti and fire protection amongst others. The company is based in Wolverhampton and has over 40 years of experience.Hydron Coatings
Intercoat PaintsIntercoat manufacture coatings for wood and furniture. They also produce water-based lacquers and metal and concrete effect products. The company operate from their premises in WalsallIntercoat Paints
Johnstone’sJohnstone Paints are a large well-known paint company within the UK who are owned by the big Paint group PPG. Johnstone’s have been operating since 1890. They have trade counters throughout the UK offering their specialist paints to decorators and coating applicators as well as selling their products through DIY stores.Johnstone’s Paint and Johnstone’s Trade Paint
LechlerLechler Coatings UK arm of operations is based in Middlewich. The company originated in 1858 and their main base is in Como, Italy. Tey manufacture coatings for all sectors.Lechler Coatings
Lick PaintsLick are relative newcomers to the paint market. They have their own range of colours designed for the interior designer and DIY market.Lick Paints
Little GreeneLittle Green can be dated as far back as 1773. A UK independent paint manufacturer supplying high-quality luxury coatings. The company is based in Manchester.Little Greene
Manor CoatingsEstablished in 1938 Manor Coatings produces and supplies products for both the DIY and Trade markets. The company is based in Shipley.Manor Coatings
Marathon CoatingsMarathon Coatings are newcomers to the paint companies in the UK. Based in Gloucester they produce specialist industrial paints.Marathon Coatings
Mathys PaintIs part of the Rust-Oleum brands of paint.Rust-Oleum Mathys
MylandsMyland Paints was started in 1884 by John Myland in Lambeth, London. It still operates from Lambeth today. Myland produces quality paints for stylish interiors.Myland Paints, Colours of London.
Organic and Natural Paint CompanyThe Organic and Natural Paint Company supply eco-friendly paints from natural ingredients. The owner Chris has been operating from Norwich since 2012Graphenstone
Paint & Paper LibraryPaint and Paper Library was developed by interior designers and they offer high-quality paint in their own range. Their paint is found in some of the most prestigious properties in the world. The company based in Chelsea GreenPaint & Paper Library
PPGPPG is a global paint manufacturer based in the USA. They have several brands under their umbrella and their best known in the UK are Johnstone’s and Leyland paints. PPG architectural coatings are based in West Yorkshire.Johnstone’s, Leyland Trade
Regal PaintsRegal Paints produce and supply trade-grade floor paints and a variety of specialist coating products for professionals. The company is based in Stoke-on-Trent and has been trading for over 30 years.Regal Paints
Remmers PaintsRemmers Paints in the Uk are based in Crawley. They produce a range of products that are specialised solutions. They are known for their quality wood coatings for windows and doors.Remmers Paints
RonsealRonseal is part of the Sherwin-Williams paint company, an American giant of Paint products.
Ronseal produce and are known for their garden and home range of paints. The well-known phrase “does exactly what it says on the tin” is associated with the brand. The UK arm is based in Sheffield.
Ronseal Paints
Rust-OleumRust-Oleum produces a large range of specialist products designed for both home and commercial use. They are USA-based but have DIY and commercial products through agents and shops in the UK. Tor Coatings supply Rust-Oleum products in the UKRust-oleum Paints
SandersonSanderson Design Group are known for their luxurious wallpaper and fabrics for interior design. They also have a range of over 150 colours in their own paint brands. They are based in Uxbridge.Sanderson Paint, Zoffany Paint
SharmansHD Sharman produces the Delcote Coating range of products. The coating is designed for the maintenance of profiled metal roof sheets. The company is based in Derbyshire.Delcote Coating
Sika CoatingsSika industrial coatings produce a variety of paints designed to protect steel against corrosion, fire, and acid. Sika are Swiss based with their UK operation in Welwyn Garden CitySika Industrial Coatings
SteyportBased in Blackburn, Steyport produces specialist surface coatings. They were established in 1979 and produce their own label paints and coatings for trade and retail to repackage according to their requirements.Steyport paints for own label customers
TikkurilaTikkurila is an industrial paint coating manufacture based in Scandinavia and has a large market there and in Russia. They are relatively new to the UK market but have quickly established themselves as a provider of quality coatings. At the time of writing PPG and AKZO Nobel were trying to acquire the businessTikkurila Industrial Coatings
Tor CoatingsTor Coatings are based in Gateshead. They manufacture specialist coatings products for building refurbishment projects. It is part of the Rust-Oleum Group.Tor Floor, Wall and Roof Coatings
TrimiteBased in Hayes, Middlesex, Trimite have been in operation since 1940. They design and manufacture specialist coatings for defence, aerospace, automotive, railway and heavy industrialSpecialist Industrial coatings

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