Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review

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The Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus 257025 (that is a long name for a paint sprayer Graco, btw) is a DIY level airless spray paint machine.

If you’ve got a home renovation to carry out then you may have found a machine capable of giving a professional finish without the expensive price tag. Let’s explore the Magnum Project Painter Plus in further detail.

Graco, the first company that invented the Airless machine over fifty years ago. Their name is associated with spray equipment from entry-level to a professional level.

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Graco Magnum Project Plus Specification

The Graco Magnum Project Plus allows the application of paint direct from one gallon or five-gallon paint drum.

  • Weight: 10ibs
  • Height: 13.8 inch
  • Length: 13.8 Inch
  • Width: 12.1 Inch
  • Engine Size: 0.375 HP
  • Max Tip Size: 0.015 Inch
  • Max Pressure: 2800 psi

Overview of the Graco Magnum Project Plus

The Good Points

  • Ideal for DIY users including beginners to airless spraying
  • Affordable Airless Option
  • Easy to clean due to Garden Hose adapter
  • 50-foot length spray hose
  • Storage areas attached to the spray machine

The Not So Good Points

  • Control of the gun-overspray could be a concern
  • Capable of clogging if not maintained correctly
  • Not on wheels for portability

Hands-on with The Graco Magnum Project Plus


When we unpacked the box it was a complete set capable of spraying straight away. It is fairly straight forward to setup.

The machine is provided with an SG2 Spray Gun and a True airless spray tip (515) with a guard.

We attached the supplied hose to the front of the magnum. This was easy to screw on by hand and tightened with a wrench. The other end of the hose was attached to spray gun with the same effort. The time is taken to achieve this was about 30 seconds.

We applied the spray tip and guard in a similar amount of time and we were ready to apply the deck paint for the test project. We changed the tip for our project and paid approx 20 dollars for the correct fitting.

It is an electric airless so make sure there is power nearby.

Check It Out

Paint Spraying

The universal motor on the Graco Magnum kicks out paint at on it max setting at 2800 psi. If you arent careful this can cause a lot of overspray.

The tip that the Magnum is supplied with is designed to spray medium to thicker paints so it worth checking on the paint tin to see suggested tip size before applying. The machine can spray 0.24 gallons per minute- just under half what a commercial-grade machine can achieve.

There is a simple power button that flicks to on or off. The output setting can be adjusted by a side dial. The tip has a reverse tip switch which apparently allows although we did not experience any clogging whilst using the deck paint. There are reports of the machine clogging by other users so this reverse switch on the tip may help to keep the unit spraying.

The annual usage for this machine as recommended by Graco is 50 gallons which makes it ideal for home use. It’s not a machine designed for commercial use.

The machine does not come on wheels which can be a set back when you are using, but at 10ibs it is lightweight and easy to transport around. The spray pattern achieved was 10-12 inches with the spray tip included. Other tips are available to be fitted.

Cleaning & Storage

Cleaning can be tiresome for some machines but this unit, as with other Gracos, has an attached fitting to clean directly out with a garden hose. This speeds up cleaning by flushing out the system with water.

As mentioned the unit is light and pretty compact so it shouldn’t take up much space.

This unit is aimed at the domestic market and as a DIY product. It’s not suitable for carrying out large projects on a daily basis but could be a handy back up machine

There are helpful guide videos for this product available on the Graco website.

Alternative Products

The next machine up the Graco ladder is the Graco X5 designed to spray 125 gallons a year. Other machines with similar capabilities are the Titan ControlMax 1500 and the HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800

Our Verdict:

4.6 out of 5 – A solid piece of equipment for DIY projects.

Great for venturing into your first go at Airless spraying this affordable Airless spray unit is ideal fora whole raft of DIY projects. From coating your deck to spraying the walls out in your house this is a great starter set for just over a couple hundred dollars.

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