HVLP Spraying Guide

HVLP spraying is a popular form of spraying and it is fast becoming the application of choice for many decorators. It is used to coat furniture, metalwork, auto repairs among other items. It is used by beginners through to professionals as the finish and value for money are second to none.

What is HVLP Spraying?

HVLP means High Volume Low Pressure. This means that the liquid that has been poured into the paint pot of the HVLP paint gun will be applied by air that atomized the paint.

A Gun with a pot is attached to an airline

Who Uses HVLP Spraying Units?

  • Furniture and cabinet-makers
  • Commercial Paint Spray Contractors
  • Painter and Decorators
  • DIY Enthusiasts
  • Fake Tan Applicators

Parts of an HVLP machine

HVLP machines differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but the main components of the machine are the:

HVLP Gun consisting of:

  • Paint Cup
  • Fluid Control Knob regulates the flow of fluid
  • Nozzle
  • Needle
  • Fan Control Adjustment Knob
  • Air Valve Control Knob-Adjusts Width of Spray
  • Air Cap
  • Trigger
  • HVLP spray Machine
  • Types of HVLP Machine

A dedicated HVLP System uses a turbine to atomize the paint. These models tend to be small and portable and tend to be more on the costly side.

Conversion HVLP System uses an external compressor to convert high pressure to a much lower pressure which enables a controlled finish.

Models of HVLP Units

HVLP Spray Machine
HVLP machine used by Professionals- A Wagner FC9900 plus

There is a wide range of HVLP paint machines on the market, some are more suited than others for particular users and their applications. Quality and durability need to be compared and obviously the price is a big factor. Here are some example models available:

Beginner HVLP

  • Devilbiss Starting line Kit
  • Graco

Professional Users


Commercial Contractors

Wagner 9900 (model is shown)


Benefits of HVLP Spraying

Due to the application of the paint at low pressure, it means that there is less overspray and a more efficient transfer rate compared to other forms of spraying. HVLP machines tend to transfer 60-80% of the material compared to 15-40% of a conventional air sprayer.

A higher degree with control of the paint means less masking and material wasted and less money wasted.

They are portable and light and can be transported to carry out work at other sites and premises

Efficient use of materials, the correct amount of paint is applied and is, therefore, better for the environment.

The Finish

The finish is far superior to brushing or rolling.

Disadvantages of HVLP Spraying

The big positive of HVLP spraying, the control and precise application of paint, can also be it downfall because of the speed in applying the paint. The low pressure and the small paint pot that is applied means that the HVLP machine is manufactured for smaller specific areas rather than large walls or areas.

For large areas, you may be interested in Airless Spraying.


If you offer painting or future making services an HVLP is an excellent addition to your tools. These are versatile but professional bits of kit and the finish