How to Paint uPVC Windows & Doors

uPVC Windows and Doors are a popular choice in homes throughout the country. Originally available in only white, there has been a growing movement throughout the UK for people to put their own colour stamp on the exterior of houses.

A popular colour at present is grey but there is a large variety of colors available. In this guide, we run through how to paint uPVC Windows and Doors and a few of the products that will help you achieve your new look.

Paint uPVC  Windows & Doors

A Quick Guide to uPVC

uPVC is a plastic polymer. It has been used extensively in the last 40 years because it easy to mould to different shapes, cheap to manufacture and relatively easy to install. For those who want to know, uPVC means Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride- so know you know for your next pub quiz!

Factors to Consider

Before we look at what products are suitable for painting onto uPVC we will need to look at some important factors that affect this material.

Newly Installed uPVC Items

When the uPVC components leave the factory, they will have a layer of resin that doesn’t make it suitable for recoating. It is advised that the uPVC is left for 12 months before re-coating.

uPVC Paint Adhesion

Getting the correct product is an important part of recoating your uPVC. As you will be painting onto plastic you will need a paint that bonds to it, rather than just coats it.

UK Weather Conditions

Also, the paint should be able to cope with the UK weather conditions. The paint will have to cope with wet weather, the occasional hot day, winds, cold weather and anything that our climate chuck at it.

This means that paint should have good weather proofing qualities which would have been tested for by the paint manufacturer. The paint has to cope with expansion and contraction that the uPVC is susceptible. The paint will need to have good protection against UV rays to protect against fading and delamination.

What Paint Should be used on uPVC?

Answer: An acrylic paint.

The Best suited paint for uPVC is acrylic paint as acrylic is a type of plastic is mirrors the properties of uPVC which itself is plastic. Acrylic paints are tough hard wearing paints that should last for years if applied correctly.

Examples of Suitable uPVC paints

The following are examples of quality paints suitable for uPVC painting and are professional trade paints. A more in-depth look at the paints can be found here: Best Paint for uPVC Windows & Doors

Preparation of uPVC

The surface should always be clean of dirt and dust before carrying out any painting of the uPVC areas.

uPVC Paint Application

An increasingly popular method of applying paint regardless of the surface is spraying. This method suits uPVC substrates as the finish produced is a flat uniform fine finish. Needless to say, that the paints can be applied by brush or roller but the finish achieved may not match that can be achieved by spraying.

If spraying is the choice of applying the paint, make sure that surrounding areas are protected by masking off.

DIY or Professional?

Painting onto uPVC can be tricky but if you follow the paint manufacturers guidelines it can be done on a DIY basis if you feel competent enough.

Professional spray companies that specialise in UPVC re-coating have experience under their belt. That means they can prepare and mask areas swiftly and correctly and apply paint using years of training. They should also be able to offer some sort of guarantee.

Other areas of uPVC

Other Items of uPVC can be coated with these products. Soffits and fascias, downpipes and anything else made from the material. The process to re-coating them remains the same.


uPVC is a great choice for windows and doors but it need not be dull. Introduce a splash of colour to your homes exterior by using quality paint products. Choose a product that can withstand the seasons in the UK and has been designed to last years.

If you have had a go at DIY painting uPVC windows & doors to the exterior of your house, let us know how you got on.

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