How To Paint a Gas BBQ

Gas Barbecues are a very useful addition to the garden. There is a stampede to get out in the garden when the weather is kind to us, here in the UK. When the Barbecues are exposed to the seasons the paint can quickly deteriorate, fail and flake. Our step by step guide will help rejuvenate the garden grill. The following steps look at how to paint a gas BBQ.

After leaving the BBQ neglected this is what the metalwork looked like before any treatment.

Step By Step Guide – How to Paint a BBQ

  1. Safety First

    We always encourage a safety-first approach when attempting any DIY job. Prepare the area, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area- ideally outdoors. We advise reading the safety data sheet that accompanies the paint you are using, in this instance, we used Rust-Olem Stove & BBQ Paint.Lay down a dust sheet to protect the immediate area.Spray Can of BBQ Paint

  2. Dismantle BBQ

    Remove the gas canister and small parts of the BBQ such as shelves and place the gas well away from the spray zone.Remove Gas from BBQ

  3. Remove Flaking Paint and Rust

    Using a scraper and sandpaper removing any areas of flaking paint and rust. Rub the whole BBQ metal work lightly with some sandpaper to help with the adhesion of the paint. We used 220 grit paper on sound paintwork.Rust On BBQ

  4. Clean BBQ Metal Work

    Clean BBQ as best you can to degrease any areas that are affected. We used Johnstone’s Trade Cleaner to clean the metal work Johnstone's Trade Cleaner

  5. Mask Off areas

    Mask off any item that doesn’t require painting and that can’t be removed. We used masking tape and a poly roll sheet, but paper can do the job.GAs Bbq masked

  6. Spray The BBQ

    Spraying lightly, evenly and side to side, slightly overlapping the last pass. Recoat the BBQ following the cans instructions.spray the gas BBQ

  7. De-Mask

    Demask the BBQ and allow the paint to cure off completely for 24 hrs. After the paint has cured fire up the BBQ and enjoy your new looking piece of garden cooking joy!bbq demised

  • Paint Scraper
  • Mechanical Sander
  • BBQ & Stove Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Masking Tape
  • Cleaning Agent

The Finished Result

How to paint a BBQ, finished result

The BBQ immediately after spraying.

Our Verdict

We spruced up the BBQ because it was in a terrible state and had been left open to the elements over the winter break. We weren’t completely happy with the finish it is a bit patchy but the aerosol paint had run out so could possibly do with another coat of paint but the difference is dramatic and save hundreds of pounds in the replacement. So for the sake of aerosol and some cleaning agent we spruced up for less than £20.

Further Info

Rust-Oleum Stove & BBQ Paint Data Sheet

Johnstone Trade Cleaner

Paint Scrapers