Frogtape Vs ScotchBlue Painters Tape

When it comes to masking up before a paint project you will need to decide on your choice of tape. There is a huge selection at your local DIY store as well as a variety of sizes. We look at two popular products, head to head, Frogtape Vs ScotchBlue painter’s tape.

The use of masking tape aids in protecting other areas from getting covered in paint for instance around skirting, door frames, light socket, and pipework.

Comparison of the Painters Tapes:

Length of roll50 metres55 metres
No of days can be left2114

Frogtape Painters Masking Tape

The product we used was the Frogtape green – multi-surface. It was a 24mm width and a 50-metre roll. It arrived in a handy storage container which can be used to store the tape and keep the adhesive qualities.

Frogtape multi surface tape

The tape has a patented Paintblock technology which should help eliminate bleed through of the paint if used correctly. This tape is specifically suited for working with emulsion paints.

The frog tape can remain in place once applied for 21 days (7 days if in direct sunlight) but should be removed once the painting has been carried out.

There are other Frogtape options available. One is low tack and is suitable for delicate surfaces and the other is suitable for gloss and satin paints.

3M Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape

The 3M scotch blue we tried out was the 24mm width blue original multi-use roll of painters tape. It is medium adhesion.

scotch blue painters tape

The tape is suitable for painting projects around the home. The paint can last for 14 days once applied but should be removed once the painting is carried out and it is still wet. It is sunlight resistant, which is good as some tapes can bake on to the surface if left.

3M offer different sizes and tapes available for different surfaces and purposes.

The Result– Frogtape Vs Scotchblue

We painted a living room and taped up around the door frame using both sets of tape.

We painted around the doorframe and removed the tape about five minutes after applying the paint, following the guidelines set out by both manufacturers on their instructions.

When we removed the scotchblue it did remove a bit of the emulsion with it and left a few areas that required further touching up.

When we removed the frog tape it left a clean sharp straight line with no paint removal or evidence of bleed through.

Our Winner- Frogtape Multi-Surface


Both masking tapes are available at local DIY stores, online and you will see these products at homeware stores and supermarkets. Both are popular products for painting and decorating tasks involving masking areas.

It may be more expensive to purchase but the Frogtape gave a better result due to its paint block technology. The paint didn’t bleed through and after it was removed it kept straight sharp lines, exactly as stated on their packaging. For efficiency and time, this was the clear winner.

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