The Best Palm Sanders UK

The best palm sanders can make easy work of surface preparation when undertaking a painting project.

Sanding by hand can take time but the option of mechanically sanding areas can save time and mess.

Palm or Detail sanders are perfect at tackling smaller sanding tasks and for getting into harder to sand areas like corners and edges.

Ideal for railings, staircase sections, furniture, wooden architrave, painted surfaces and more. They are perfect for taking the back breaking work of sanding away from your hands.

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The Best Palm Sanders UK 2021

Best Overall

The best overall Palm Sander was the Bosch PSM 100 Multisander

Best Budget

The best budget palm sander is the Silverline Detail Sander

Best Premium

The best Premium Sander was the Meterk Mouse Detail Sander

Palm Sander Comparison

Palm SanderWattsRPM/ OPM
Bosch PSM Sander10026,000
Mertek Mouse Detail Sander12513,500
Silverline Detail Sander13012,000

Best Overall- Bosch PSM 100 Multisander

This multi-sander by Bosch is the best general small sander that we tested.

Small and lightweight but that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful.

The sander boasts a built-in extraction filter which is handy to have as it cuts down on dust in the atmosphere which can be harmful to the lungs.

The hook and loop system makes the changing of sandpaper a breeze and you just add new sandpaper to the plate.

A summary of the Bosch PSM 100 Multisander Features:

  • 100 Watt motor
  • 26,000 orbits per minute
  • 2-year warranty, extended to 3 years on registration
  • Built-in dust extraction and collection.
  • 0.9kg in weight

The sander is easy to use straight from the box and for something so small it punches above its weight.

It is capable of tackling simple sanding tasks like furniture, doors, architrave and skirting.

It can be used on the following surfaces:

  • Soft and hard woods
  • Existing varnished and painted surfaces
  • Metal
  • Stonework

A great palm or detail sander that is perfect for getting into intricate areas and sanding corners and edges.

The additional micro filter system is a neat inclusion and keeps workspaces tidy and clean. It can also be attached to a vacuum cleaner for larger sanding projects.

The sanding plate is split into two parts which optimises the sanding process. The front triangular tip can be rotated to lengthen the life expectancy of the plate and the sandpaper.

It can easily be used with one hand in any direction and is easy to use overhead if needed.

The sanding service is 104cm2 and the sound power level is 94db.

For the money the Bosch really is an outstanding palm sander capable of a range of sanding projects around the home.

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Premium Version– Mertek Mouse Sander

The Mertek Mouse Sander is an outstanding palm sander.

Small enough to get into tricky corners but more than powerful enough to cover larger areas.

Ideal for indoor DIY projects such as sanding of floorboards, shelves, tables, furniture, doors and windows.

The main features of the Mertek Mouse Sander are:

  • Powerful 125-watt motor
  • Compact and design
  • 13,500 RPM
  • Supplied with 16 sanding sheets with 3 different grits
  • Dustproof switch

The vacuum attachment works effectively and keeps dust exposure down.

The sander has 6 powerful hole inlets that draw the dust in as you sand away.

Replacing the worn-out sandpaper is very simple with the adhesive plate and hook and loop system.

Other features such as the dust free switch stops unwanted clogs and burnout. It also has a decent sized heat emission outlet to avoid burn out.

It isnt the lighest of palm sanders but it makes up in the power department where 125 watts kicks out 13,500 RPM.

This makes light work of sanding old paintwork.

The Mertek sander is ideal for the following polishing and sanding tasks:

  • Polishing wood
  • Wall polishing
  • Paint Polishing
  • Furniture polishing
  • Putty Polishing
  • Sanding wood and paintwork down

The Mertek is great addition to your DIY tools and is a powerful small sander.

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Best Budget Version– Silverline Detail Sander

The Silverline detail is a great option to choose as a budget sander.

It boasts a pretty impressive 130W in power which allows 12,000 RPM

The main features of the Silverline Detail Sanders are:

  • Quick-change hook & loop base
  • Vacuum dust extraction port
  • On/off switch with dust cover
  • Palm-shaped handle with soft grip
  • Includes dust extraction adaptor tube & sanding sheet

Its pretty lightweight weighing in at 0.96 kg so it enables single hand use for periods at a time.

A nifty addition to your armoury for tasks of sanding smaller and awkward areas.

The soft grip allows use for longer periods of time.

Silverline guarantee the product for up to 3 years.

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Small Palm Sanders are a handy tool to have in a homeowners DIY collection.

The neednt cost the earth either. There are some decent models for a range of budgets.

They can be used for a wide variety of sanding and polishing tasks.

Due to their unique design it enable access into smaller awkward areas.

If sanding is a requirement of your next DIY task this are great investment and should last you for years of general tasks around the home.

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