Best Painters Masking Tape UK 2021

When you are looking to decorate and freshen up one of your rooms in the house, masking tape is an essential part of protecting items, walls, and floors. Not all masking tapes are created equally. There are different types available for different circumstances. We look at the best painters masking tape for your next DIY painting project.

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The No. 1 Masking Tape UK

The top spot of the masking tapes that we trialled was the 3M professional masking tape 2090.

We liked this tape as it has been tried and tested by us over a number of years, It one of many tapes that we use but this has always been a go-to tape for its general purpose.

It sticks well without leaving residue and it always leaves clean line after removal.

Painters Tape Comparison 2021

Masking TapeLength of RollWidth of Tape(mm)
3M Professional Masking Tape50 metres48
Northern Brothers Masking Tape20 metres52, 40, 27, 14, 4
Gocableties Twin pack50 metres25
Duck Tape 23231850 metres50
Everbuild Mammoth General Purpose 50 metres19
Blue Masking Tape- Vidillo30 metres20
ProDec ATMT00250 metres36
PST Masking Tape50 metres48
FrogTape Green41.1 metres36
Wagner 2316444 Universal20 metres36

#1 3M Professional Masking Tape 2090

This 3M tape used by professionals is best used for walls, trims, tile, and glass. The manufacturer states that it can be removed cleanly up to 14 days after being applied and not leave any residue.

The tape has been used for over 30 years in the decorating professions. It is UV and sunlight resistant. It has an edge lock protector that offers protection to different surfaces.

50-metre roll and it is 48mm wide. A roll will cover a 15 foot by 15-foot room. This tape is used by a lot of commercial painters and that says a lot about the product.

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#2 Northern Brothers Masking Tape

The pack of masking tapes comes with 14 pieces of different width tapes. The handy width sizes are 52mm, 40mm, 37mm, 14mm, and 4mm.

Ideal for masking different sections like power sockets, light switches, skirting boards and other surfaces It is essential to make sure that there is no dust and dirt on the surface before applying.

When we trialed and this is applicable to the majority of the tapes, ensure that there is no direct sunlight for any period of time as the tape will bake onto the surface and be much more difficult to remove.

We tried this tape on a wall whilst recoating skirting board and it was tacky enough and it didn’t bleed through.

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#3 Gocableties Twin pack Premium Masking Tape

This twin pack of masking tapes by Gocableties is a low tack masking tape that will prevent paint from peeling off when you remove the tape from surfaces.

It can be used on skirting boards, walls, power sockets, and light switches.

We found that the tape was easy to tear and that it was tacky enough with the adhesive to stick and protect. No adhesive was left behind.

Just a reminder as above, do not leave on for any length of time especially in heat as it will become a problem to remove.

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#4 Duck Tape 232318 All Purpose Masking Tape

Duck tape is a well-known make of masking tape in the UK. The tape can be left for up to 30 hours in average conditions. It is best to remove this tape almost immediately after the paint has been applied.

It is suitable for use with most types of paints. It is all-purpose and it made to stop paint bleed. We found this a quality tape and has good sticking quality with the adhesive. It was tested on the skirting board when we applied some emulsion to the walls and worked perfectly. The 50mm width is a good size to work with.

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#5 Everbuild Mammoth General Purpose 

The Everbuild general masking tape comes in an off white colour. The manufacturer claims it can be left for three days before removal without leaving residue but we didn’t test this out.

It peels off easily enough and tears well which is great at the application stage. It comes in 19mm width which is handy at masking the intricate items like light switches and power sockets. It also allows a clean edge.

When removed it didn’t leave any residue.

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#6  Blue Masking Tape- Vidillo

This blue-colored masking tape by Vidillo comes with 5 tapes in aset. They are 2cm (20mm) wide.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces to protect from paint coverage. It was easy enough to tear and apply these tapes.

It was equally as easy to remove the tape and it did not leave any residue behind. Although no one of the big players this had a quality feel to it.

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#7 ProDec ATMT002 Advance Precision

Advance precision has been developed to offer the sharpest lines when applied and removed. This is a professional product but offered to a DIY market.

It can be used on multiple surfaces like interior walls, wood, glass and metal. It is available in 3 widths. We used the 36 mm size which is medium-sized tape in the ones that we used.

There was no bleed on any surfaces that we applied this tape to and it was easy to remove.

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#8 PST Masking Tape

These masking tapes come in a pack of five. They are 50 metres in length so it will be more than enough to tape up 2-3 or even more room in the home. These are perfect for taping up on the next painting project.

It can be used on multiple surfaces. We tried these on plasterboard walls that had been painted with emulsion and they paint remained intact. It wasn’t the tackiest of tapes but it was fine for the time we used it for.

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#9 FrogTape Green Multi-Surface Painters Masking Tape

Frogtape which is instantly recognisable by its green colour is another well-known product in DIY painting projects. It is available in three diffrent widths, 24mm, 36mm and 48mm.

The tape has been developed to keep sharp edges when painting and we can confirm that this was the case when we used this on living room painting project. It can last for days without paint being applied but it is advised to remove as soon as the painting is undertaken.

The added bonus in this tape is that it comes in a container which helps to protect the tape from drying out when in storage, ready for future projects.

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#10 Wagner 2316444 Universal Extra Kit Premium

This isn’t solely a masking tape on offer here but is mentioned because of how useful it is. Wagner which is a well-known manufacturer of spray equipment has brought to market an all in one masking kit.

It includes a 4 x 6 m Plastic Dust Sheet, Dust Sheet with Masking tape 20 m x 2.7 m, Dust Sheet with Masking tape 20 m x 0.55 m, Masking tape 20 m x 36 mm, Spray protector, Knife.

The Dust sheet with masking tape is also called a speedy mask or other trade names is handy at covering whole windows due to the electrostatic charge that has been applied. This helps the sheet stick to the window.

The masking tape supplied is quality and offers great protection, tackiness, and ease of removal.

it is also supplied with a dust sheet which protects flooring against any spillage or loose paint. A gret bit of kit

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Instead of getting paint on adjoining surfaces, masking tape enables you to paint and give a protective barrier. It takes practice to get perfectly straight edges, especially as some walls, skirting and other surfaces may not be completely straight and flat.

When looking to purchase painters masking tape, the important factors are the stickiness of the adhesive, whether the adhesive is left, does the paint bleed through the masking tape, and the length of a roll. It is worth spending extra on tape so that it gives the best protection.

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