Best Paint Scraper Tool 2021

When a paint coating starts to fail, the existing paint begins to peel, flake bubble and blister.

It is important to remove areas of failure as part of the preparation before painting begins.

A useful tool in this task is the trusty paint scraper. We look at the Best Paint Scraper for preparing your surfaces.

A paint scraper is also useful tool for removing wall paper.

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The No. 1 Paint Scraper

The top spot of the paint scrapers we used was the Bahco 665 Carbide Edged H/Duty Paint Scraper.

We liked the extra sharp blades which made using the tool more effective on stubborn areas of paint. The double handle also made the task smoother.

Top Ten Paint Scrapers 2021

Paint ScraperScraper Size (width)Scrapers Supplied in Pack
Bahco 665 Carbide90 mm1
Purdy 14A900800 Multi Tool76 mm1
Harris Scraper Tool Set38 mm, 64 mm, 102 mm3
Extra Wide Heavy Duty Scraper254 mm1
Rolson Paint Scraper, 125 mm125 mm1
ProDec Paint Scraper102 mm1
Deluxe Heavy Duty Wallpaper and Paint Scraper102 mm1 - Supplied with 5 extra blades
Spring Steel Paint Scraper25 mm1
Silverline 633610 Decorators25 mm1
HAUTMEC Pack 64 mm, 76 mm2

#1 Bahco 665 Carbide

The Bahco 665 Carbide Edged Heavy Duty Paint Scraper is a quality tool.

It has two handles that allow the user to get their weight behind the tool. The top handle can be removed if required.

The blades are extra sharp so we wouldn’t recommend using this scraper on anything delicate. This tool is ideal for getting harder paints from wood such as on staircase sections.

The blade is angled which allows the user to get into awkward spaces and is slimline in this section to allow this.

The scraper can interchanged with 50mm and 65 mm blades which are sold separately.

This scraper can be used on wood, metal and concrete.

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#2 Purdy 14A900800 Multi Tool

This all in one painter’s tool not only has an effective scraper but also has 9 other tools built in to help in other areas.

The scraper is sharp so use with caution. The circular cut out is ideal to aid in cleaning paint-roller sleeves.

The blade is rust-resistant stainless steel. The handle is rubber and ergonomically designed to be able to use for long periods.

It is a strong and sturdy tool and will last for multiple DIY projects. Once you finish scraping you can use this tool for removing nails and opening paint cans.

A quality useful tool to have at hand in your toolbox.

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#3 Harris Scraper Tool Set Pack of 3 Paint Scrapers 

This pack of scrapers contains three different sizes manufactured by a well-known supplier of decorating products- Harris.

The items are described as a chisel knife(38mm width), a small stripping knife(64mm width) and a large stripping knife (102mm width).

Not only are the scrapers handy if there are a couple of you carrying out a DIY project, but they also come in useful if paint filler is to be applied.

The scrapers can be used on multiple surfaces such as brickwork, wooden items, stone, interior walls.

The Handles are easy to grip and are also good for dealing with wallpaper stripping. A good all-round set.

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#4 Extra Wide Heavy Duty Scraper

This extra wide scraper is ideal for scraping large flat areas of paint.

The overall width of the blade is 250mm so it can save time.

The rubber grip handle is ideal for use over a period of time.

This tool can be used for removing paint and wallpaper on interior walls, it can also be useful for removing polystyrene tiles from walls and ceilings.

For larger projects this is a good choice.

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#5 Rolson Paint Scraper, 125 mm

The Rolson Paint Scraper is 125 mm wide which is slightly wider than usual scrapers.

Rolson also offer 50mm, 75mm and 100mm options. The handle is comfortable to hold when using.

The large width that this scraper has ensures that projects of large areas can be carried out quickly.

Due to the width on this particular model the blade can bend a bit.

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#6  ProDec Paint Scraper  

The ProDec Paint scraper is 102 mm wide blade with a sturdy rosewood wooden handle.

The blade is stainless steel and offers a solid grip to hold.

Ideal for scraping paint from a variety of surfaces and does well for removing wallpaper.

A well made paint scraper.

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#7 Deluxe Heavy Duty Wallpaper and Paint Scraper

This Deluxe heavy duty scraper is built to last for years. The scraper is supplied with five extra blade.

The blade width is 100mm

The head of the paint stripper handle is angled to allow the scraper into awkward area.

The handle it self is fairly long and that allows you to get a higher reach.

The grip at the bottom of the handle is rubber which allows the tool to be used for long periods.

The blades can be stored in the handle of the scraper so they can easily be changed mid tasks one the existing blade blunts.

The blades are very sharp and this is something to take into consideration depending on the surface.

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#8 Spring Steel Paint Scraper

A spring-steel scraper is a good tool for carrying out intricate areas of paint and wallpaper removal where larger scarpers struggle.

The scraper handle is plastic and this means it is aimed at the occasional DIY task rather than for professionals.

A handy tool to have for small scraping tasks.

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#9 Silverline 633610 Decorators Paint Scraper

This Silverline steel paint scraper is 50mm in width so it is perfect for getting into smaller areas compared to average sized scrapers.

The spring tempered blade is strong and made from carbon steel and is full-length scale tang.

All Silverline hand tools are guaranteed for life.

The handle is made from beech wood.

This scraper comes with a protective cap which is handy to keep the tool intact in a toolbox.

It also a handly hanging hole for storing in a shed or garage.

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#10 HAUTMEC Pack of 2 Scraper

The Haumtec pack of two paint scrapers is supplied with two width options the smaller is 64mm wide and the larger is 100mm.

They are professional grade tools and are full tang. The handle has a top guard stopping the hand from slipping onto the blade.

The blades are made from stainless steel.

The handles are non-slip rubber and ergonomically designed allowing the user to scrape for longer.

The combination of the two scrapers should be enough to carry out the majority of paint scraping tasks.

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A trusty paint scraper is alway required for removing areas of flaking paint as part of the preparation before painting happens.

Choosing the best scraper will ensure that the tool not only performs well but lasts for future DIY projects.

Many paint scrapers double up to perform other tasks such as wallpaper removal.

Be wary of the surface that you are aiming to scrape paint from.

Some scraping blades are extra sharp and will damage the surface. This is the case with plasterwork and plastics.

The main aim of the paint scraper it to remove the paint without too much effort and strain on your body, look for ergonomically designed handles and strong blades.

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