Best Paint Edger Tool 2023

The best paint edger tool can be a handy piece of equipment for the DIY enthusiast when undertaking painting projects. They are effective at masking areas without masking tape and brushing free hand.

Careful brushing techniques are still needed to ensure that the brush doesn’t slip from the tool but for the price of half a cup of coffee they are a great addition to your painting armoury. Nothing beats actually masking areas for the perfect finish but in some tricky areas these tools can help.

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The best Edge painting tool was the Silverline 349035 Paint Splatter Shield a cost effective method of painting free hand.

Edge Painting Tool Comparison

Edge Painting ToolWidthWeight
Silverline 349035 Paint Splatter Shield442 mm20g
Fit For The Job TE24DIY Trimming Edge620mm220g
Axus Decor AXU WB600600mm
FFJ Paint Shield254mm120g
Amtech G0992 Decorators Edge300mm100g

Best Paint Edger UK

1. Silverline Paint Splatter Shield

This paint edger is light and measuring at 45cm gives enough protection when carrying out painting jobs. It masks straight edges and will last you a very long time as its made from durable plastic. Even if you have masked up this tool will give a straight guide when brushing or roller applying.

It goes without saying that the tool isn’t a super power that will instantly protect everything but for straight walls and awkward areas where you need a little bit of added protection it really is worth the investment .

A summary of the Silverline Paint Splatter Shield Features:

  • Masks Straight Edged
  • Easy to use and light
  • Protects surfaces when painting
  • 45° and 90° angles for pipes and fitting
  • Durable plastic material for longevity

For simple free hand painting tasks when tackling with a small brush or roller this tool will enable you to use as a guard around skirting, architrave, other walls and ceilings

For the money the paint guard really is a useful tool when painting of a range of projects around the home..

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2. Fit for the Job Trimming Edge

The Fit for the Job trimming edge doubles up as both a paint guard and a vinyl smoother for wall paper application. Perfect for DIY projects around the house.

The main features of the Fit For The Job Trimming Edge are:

  • 610 mm straight blade
  • Durable
  • Made from Stainless Steel and rigid plastic
  • Large straight edge for variety of jobs

The guard is lightweight and at 610mm in length is perfect for guarding around door frames, windows, skirting and ceiling when painting. The trimming edge is perfect for smoothing when wall papering areas in the house.

A handy tool for guarding against paint splatter

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3. Axus Decor AXU 600

The Axus is a wide blade multi-use tool. It can be handy as a plasterboard taping and joint tool and for wall paper trimming as well as a paint edging tool.

The main features of the Axus Decor AXU 600 are:

  • A wide blade
  • Thin Paint Edge Guard
  • Supplied with lifetime guarantee
  • Also handy for plasterboard taping and joints
  • Suitable for wall paper trimming

The blade is made from anti rust stainless steel and the handle is soft grip for comfort.

A useful paint guard tool that comes with a great price tag.

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4 . Fit For Job Paint Shield

This paint guard tool protects areas like glass, wallpaper, tiles and flooring whilst undertaking paint projects.

It supplies protection in corners and comes with 45°, 75° and 90° angles.

Simple quick and easy to use, easy to grip handle and quick to clean down.

The main features of the Fit for job paint shield are:

  • A handy tool
  • Guards a variety of angles and corners
  • protects Windows and and surfaces
  • Durable design
  • Protecting floor areas like carpets

A useful paint guard tool that comes with a great price tag.

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5. Amtech Decorators Edge

The main features of the Amtech Decorators Edge are:

  • Built-in measure rule
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Ideal for guarding straight edges
  • Suitable for wallpapering projects

A useful paint edge tool.

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A paint edging tool can be a useful addition when undertaking painting projects. We aren’t saying they are a replacement for using masking tape. They are a good tool for carrying out large straight edges as well as around tricky areas that need extra protection.

These tools need not cost a fortune and because of the material they are built from should last a very long time and helping you paint lots of rooms .

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