Best Liquid Paint Stripper for Paint Removal

When starting a painting project there are times where the existing surface is so poor that the paintwork will require complete removal. When this is the case we must look at using tools, liquids or a combination of both to lift the coating. We look at the Best Liquid Paint Stripper for removing paint.

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The No. 1 Liquid Paint Stripper

The top spot of the paint strippers we have used was the Peelaway 1 paint Remover. This large tub of paint remover removes layers upon layers of paint with one application. It was the strongest liquid stripper we tested.

Top Ten Liquid Paint Strippers 2021

Paint StripperQuantity Supplied
Peelaway 115 Kg
Biostrip 205 L
Bartoline TX10500ml
Nitromors All Purpose Stripper350ml
Home Strip Paint Remover2 L
Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Remover500ml
Biostrip Plus25 L
Adler Spray Remover400ml
Everstrip X05500ml

#1 PeelAway 1 Paint Remover system

The Peel away paint remover is a very effective way of stripping paint. It comes with paint removal liquid and blankets and also a neutraliser which must be applied afterward as the remover may remove any future layers of paint that you apply.

This system worked well on layers of gloss paint to remove the paint on skirting. It can get messy so prepare the area before using it. It does require thick layers for it to be effective

This paint stripper can be used on most woods, metal and concrete, ferrous metals, plaster.

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#2 Biostrip 20

Bio Strip 20 paint stripper removes paint and varnish without chemicals, caustic agents or chemicals. It is a waterbased paint removal system and pretty effective in doing so. It is a thick solution so it helps from dripping but it is still best to cover the surrounding areas.

This product is effective at removing water and oil based paints as well as primers and varnish.

The Biostrip can be used on glass, metals, soft and hard woods, brickwork, stone, concrete, masonry, and plastic.

We found it effective on a couple of layers of paint.

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#3 Bartoline 55878754 TX10

The TX10 by Bartoline is a paint stripper for the removal of paint and varnish from wood, metal and glass.

The product has been designed to cling to vertical surfaces to prevent dripping and runs that could damage other areas. The product is non flammable and offers minimal evaporation. Effective on all paints but oil based paints may require a few applications.

It can be quite time consuming but it gets the job done.

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#4 Nitromors All Purpose Paint Remover

Nitromors is a renowned paint stripper for the DIY market, albeit it is a newer formulation. The solution is green coloured so you can visually see where the solution has been applied.

The paint and varnish remover is ideal for wood, metal and masonry. it can be used vertically as it thick enough to stay in place and it doesn’t drip. It can remove multiple layers of paint. Please note this product is flammable and contains products that may cause drowsiness.

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#5 Home Strip Paint remover

The Paint and Varnish remover continues to work for upto 24 hours after application. It contains no toxins and is water-based and more environmentally friendly.

It may require a few applications to get rid of tougher paints and multiple layers. It can be time-consuming but most water-based applications are. If time is on your side and you want a product that is less toxic than the norm, this may be the product for you.

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#6  Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Remover  

Polycell are well known for their range of decorating fillers but they also have paint removal products on offer. Their maximum strength paint remover is a thick solution that can be applied to wood and metal.

The manufacturers say it works from 20 minutes but we found it best to leave longer for maximum efficiency. It is non drip once applied thanks to the thickness of the paint stripper. This product is toxic and does give off a strong smell so use in well ventilated areas.

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#7 Biostrip PLUS

Biostrip plus is a heavy duty paint stripper designed for masonry. A professional product that is thick and designed for non drip application.

It works fast and the solution blisters allowing you to visually see where the paint removal is being effective.

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#8 Adler Paint Stripper Spray

A gel solution that is different from the other areas highlighted here because it is spray applied. The solution removes paint from multiple surfaces such as wood, steel, stone and concrete.

Due to its size and how its applied, this paint remover is ideal for windows, doors, furniture and railings. It can remove multiple layers of paint in one application

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#9 Everbuild Strip X05 X3

This triple action paint stripper by Everbuild is a non caustic paint and varnish remover. It will take a few applicatiosn to remove multiple layers of paint and can be used internally and externally.

It doesn’t give strong smells in comparison to similar products but is time consuming if thick layers of paint are to be removed.

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#10 Peel Away Poultice Paint Remover Trial Pack 1&7

Peel Away offers a trial pack of two of its products so that you can test an area to see which product is right for you.

included in the pack are Peelaway 7 and Peelaway 1. Peelaway 7 removes unto 20 coats of paint in one application compared to 32 layers of paint from Peelaway 1.

Both great products if refurbishing old houses and went to restore the original finish

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Stripping paint from surfaces is essential in certain cases where there are too many underlying layers of paint or where the coating has failed.

Due to recent changes in laws regarding VOC content more manufacturers tend to offer water based solutions. This however tends to result in less effective paint strippers.

It is worth practicing good safety regardless of the solution chosen as they can result in unpleasant smells and fumes regardless. Always check the ingredients. If paint removal is still a struggle after application of the paint stripper it may be time to look at alternative mechanical ways.

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