Best HVLP Sprayers UK for DIY [2021 Reviews]

HVLP paint sprayers are ideal tools for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who are looking to achieve the best finish in their home.

Paint spraying achieves a superior finish over a brush or rollered finish and comes with the advantage of being more economical with paint.

They are ideal for items around the home like fences, decking, staircase sections, cabinets and more.

We look at the best HVLP sprayers UK for DIY paint projects.

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The Top HVLP DIY Paint Sprayer UK

The top pick of the ten HVLP sprayers that we tested was the Wagner Fence & Deck Sprayer

We liked the machine, for a consumer sprayer, it felt almost professional. Yes, its basic but it gets the small jobs done like fence and decking.

The gun has a spray fan control which helps to alter the width of the spray pattern. The pattern can be altered depending on the surface type being sprayed.

Comparison of HVLP Sprayers for DIY 2021

HVLP SprayerPower- WattsPaint Pot Capacity (ml)
Wagner Fence & Deck Paint Sprayer4601400
VonHaus 800W Paint Sprayer8001200
TECCPO 500 Watts5001300
Wagner Universal Sprayer W 590 FLEXiO8001100
Fuji Q5 Quiet HVLP Platinum1400Various
Ginour 400W4001300
Terratek Paint Sprayer650800
No Cry 1200ml6001200
Tacklife SGP16AC690800/1800

1. Wagner Fence & Deck Paint Sprayer

This HVLP starter sprayer by well-known spraying manufacturer Wagner is another option for DIY enthusiasts that are just starting their spray journey.

Ideal for paint application to deck, cabinets and other pieces of furniture. It is another two-stage option that comes with three different spray patterns.

The 1400ml pot is recommended for exterior projects where the projects can be larger and deliver more coating.

Easy to set up and easy to clean and tidy away, this HVLP spray unit is ideal for DIY projects around the home.

It gets or coveted top spot for best HVLP Sprayer for DIY projects.

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2. VonHaus 800W Paint Sprayer

The Von Haus 800 Watt HVLP paint sprayer is another unit ideal for the home re-spray job. The unit comes with a gun capable of three different patterns.

The unit has a shoulder strap to aid when carrying for instance when spraying fence panels.

Whilst applying paint the flow control can be operated on the gun. The plastic paint pot is easy to clean.

This machine is ideal for small projects around the home and garage.

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This Black and Decker HVLP Sprayer is another option for spraying home DIY projects like cabinets and pieces of furniture. It is supplied with one nozzle

The paint canister is 1200ml large and will hold a decent amount of paint without refilling. This pot comes with an opening on the side.

We tried this gun out on a kitchen cabinet and the finish was fine a few coats of interior wood paint went through the gun no problem. It is great for spraying smaller indoor and outdoor objects.

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4. TECCPO 500 Watts

The HVLP by Teccpo 500 Watts is supplied with a large paint canister of 1300ml which is one of the largest that we tested. We found this gun ideal for spraying on yard fencing. It is supplied with three different nozzles capable of spraying different types of paint.

It is another gun that has three adjustable spray patterns.

For making light work of small paint tasks around the house, this is a great option.

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5. Wagner Universal Sprayer W 590 FLEXiO

The Wagner Universal sprayer is an ideal option for those who are looking to start spraying around the home. It is lightweight and suitable for spraying small objects and items around the house as well as the walls, ceiling and most items that require painting. It is 590 watt and comes supplied with an 800ml and 1800ml paint pot.

It is available in a range of power watts. This model was fine for spraying thicker paints onto walls.

If you Fancy your first step on the spraying ladder- then this may the option you start with and it has the capacity to more items.

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6. Fuji 2895-T75G Q5 Platinum Quiet HVLP Spray System

For those DIY enthusiasts looking to take it up a notch, this professional HVLP unit is a sprayer used by commercial paint sprayers. This is the creme de la creme and we use these models in our capacity as commercial painters. They don’t come cheap however but that’s because these are 5 stage turbine HVLP spray units designed to spray lots of projects continuously over a few years.

The finish is the best you can achieve on-site and this gun is capable of spraying all paints. This option is for those who dedicated to their craft and looking to further their journey into spraying. A great bit of kit which will last.

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7. Ginour 400W

Ginour offer this HVLP sprayer with a 400-watt motor and three different nozzles. The gun is capable of spraying in 3 different patterns.

The nozzles and the power that this gun is supplied to enable this HVLP unit to spray the interior DIY projects. We used it on interior furniture and it had no problem applying wood paint.

It is lightweight and we had no problem handling it for periods of time. A great DIY starter spray gun.

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8. Terratek Paint Sprayer

The Terratek 650W offers spraying in three different patterns: circular, horizontal and vertical. It was fun to try out. We tried the unit with spraying latex paint onto walls and ceilings and it had no problem in achieving this.

The unit is a 650 watt and is supplied with an 800ml paint container, which saves on having to refill as often. The flow control was easy to adjust with the knob located on the gun.

It is fairly lightweight and would be useful for spraying furniture pieces. It comes with a 24-month guarantee.

Another feature we found useful was the 2.6m hose which enabled us to move quite freely in the area we were spraying.

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9. No Cry 1200ml

The No-Cry 1200 ml is a product designed for DIY people who take their projects seriously. This sprayer is that good that it is probably used as a starter gun for decorating companies carrying out smaller projects.

It is ideal for spraying smaller items around the home. It’ll do wonders to cabinets. We tested it on smaller areas of walls and ceilings, doors and a garage door The finish was superb for a DIY machine.

It’s a powerful unit for its size kicking out a mightly impressive 600 watts whilst only weighing 1.6kg.

We had a great deal of success spraying with waterborne paints and a top-quality finish for a unit that costs this much.

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10. Tacklife SGP16AC

This gun by Tacklife is actually a decent spray gun for larger and smaller items. The brushes can be packed away with this choice.

It is supplied with three nozzle sizes. One is 1.0mm, one is 2.0 mm and the other is 2.5mm. It is 800 watt so about the mid-range in the units we tested for power. The gun comes with a large paint capacity screw-in paint cup of 1100ml. The gun comes with a manufacturer’s 12-month warranty.

The gun comes with a 1.8-metre hose. With this item, we found it did struggle with thicker latex paints so be sure to check paint mix ratios before spraying.

Cleaning was easy afterward due to the detachable design

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HVLP Paint Sprayer Buying Guide

If you’re working on a less complicated paint project, you can use simple tools such as rollers or brushes.

Larger projects, however, are more time-consuming. Not only that; they also require specialized machines.

One such machine is the HVLP paint sprayer.

Using high-quality paint sprayer for your painting project is a foolproof way to get a sleek texture.

In addition to achieving great results, you will also require less time to complete the project.

If you are used to working on numerous painting tasks, investing in an HVLP unit is, undoubtedly, a good idea.

What is an HVLP machine?

A high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) is a paint spray machine that uses a motorized sprayer.

Using this type of paint sprayer makes it easy to use less paint, as little to no paint is wasted.

HVLP paint sprayers typically carry the paint droplets on a large, steady volume of air.

The paint, therefore, travels slower allowing more droplets of paint to stick to the surface that you want to paint.

The result is a smoother finish that uses less paint.

Using an HVLP unit also makes it easier to complete your project in a rapid period, compared to conventional methods.

HVLP spray paint machines are perfect for use on interior projects, but they are costlier compared to other sprayers.

Sprayers that use the HVLP technology vary in designs, prices, and even the functions that they are meant to perform.

What can an HVLP unit be used for?

HVLP paint sprayers are perfect if you are working on interior projects such as painting doors, cabinets, architrave, and trim.

You can also use HVLP furniture for building painting, marine finishing, and furniture finishing.

You can use an HVLP unit when:

• You want to have control on overspray 

• You want to reduce the coating cost

• Not using heavy-bodied coatings such as epoxies, zinc, and high solid industrial coatings. 

If you want a portable spray gun, you should go for an HVLP turbine. HVLP spray guns, on the other hand, are ideal when:

• Your desire is to have multiple painters

• You need options for other kinds of spray guns

• You require a variety of options as far as spray patterns and production are concerned. 

• You already have access to a compressor that is large enough to use with an HVLP spray gun. 

What are the benefits of using an HVLP spray unit?

You will enjoy a variety of benefits when using an HVLP spray machine as opposed to other painting sprayers.

For the best outcome, however, you should hook up the sprayer to the right air compressor. Here are the main benefits you can expect from using an HVLP spraying unit:

1. Terrific finish

An HVLP sprayer should be your machine of choice if you want an excellent finish. It’s easy to get a uniform coating, so long as you’ve correctly set up and adjusted the equipment you will use.

One of the greatest perks of the finish from an HVLP sprayer is that you won’t have to buff the final clear coat.

This will not only allow you to cut back on the amount that you spend on labor but also reduce the time you use to complete your project.

2. Better efficiency 

Since HVLP spray guns use a larger volume of air at low pressure, more paint is able to reach the surface you are painting. 

That means that more paint particles will stick to the surface, allowing you to achieve a paint transfer efficiency rating of up to 60%.

The result allows you to save even more paint, as opposed to using conventional paint sprayers.

3. Safer to use 

Better efficiency means that there is less overspray, which means that there is less paint in the air.

Thus, the workplace becomes safer for the individual working on the project. However, breathing equipment should still be used.

In addition to improved safety, you also contribute to a healthier environment by reducing the amount of pollution.

4. Lower upfront cost

Whether you are buying an HVLP spraying unit for use at home or in your business, you can be sure that it’s really worth the investment.

You should also ensure that you’ve purchased a reliable air compressor for use with other tools.

In any way, an HVLP machine will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Who are the main manufacturers?

There are various types of HVLP brands in the market at this time. While the majority are good brands, there are those that lead the market.

Here’s a list of the top HVLP paint sprayer manufacturers:

• Graco 
• Wagner
• Black and Decker
• Larius 
• Wilhelm Wagner
• Rigo
• Walther Pilot
• Ecco Finishing 
• Homeright 
• Shanghai Telansen 
• And others…

Final word

That’s quite a lot of information about HVLP sprayers. As you may expect, buying one can be tricky, as there are lots of options to choose from.

Just be sure to take your time on research before making the decision to spend your cash on any product.

That way, you’re going to make an informed decision, hence get the best value for the money you will spend. 

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