Best Heat Gun for Stripping Paint

The best heat gun can make easy work of surface preparation and stripping paint when undertaking a DIY re-coating project.

Stripping back paint by hand can take time but the option of adding heat to allow the paint to separate from the surface can speed the job up.

Ideal for wooden railings, staircase sections, furniture, wooden architrave, painted surfaces and more. The best heat guns are perfect for taking the back breaking work of scraping paint back away from the surface along with a decent paint scraper.

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The Best Heat Guns UK 2021

Best Overall

The best overall Palm Sander was the Wagner Heat Gun Furno 750

Best Premium

The best budget palm sander is the DeWalt Premium Heat Gun

Best Budget

The best budget version was the Black + Decker KX1650 Heat Gun

Heat Gun Comparison

Heat GunPowerTemperature Range (°C)
Wagner Heat Gun Furno 7502000 W50 – 630
DeWalt Premium Heat Gun2000 W50 – 600
BLACK+DECKER KX 1650 1750 W460 – 600

Best Overall- Wagner Heat Gun Furno 750

This heat gun by Wagner is the best all round heat gun that we tested.

A heavy duty heat gun that is perfect for DIY projects that require paint stripping around the home but it is also useful for carrying out other DIY repairs and upgrades.

The heat gun comes with a convenient hard carry case that also houses the accessories.

The rear LCD screen has push buttons surrounding it making it easy to use straight from the box.

A feature of this particular gun is that it operates from lower temperatures which is handy for carrying out a multitude of different tasks. Some heat guns only work at the upper limit.

A summary of the Wagner Furno 750 Heatgun Features:

  • Incremental heat settings from 50°C  to 630°C 
  • Easy to use
  • Digital display for adjusting controls
  • Heats up quickly
  • 2.3kg in weight

It is capable of tackling simple paint stripping tasks like furniture, doors, architrave and skirting. It has six different airflow settings and a mode for cooling down which is there to protect the heating element.

It can be used on the following surface tasks:

  • Paints and lacquers
  • Vinyl Tiles
  • Soldering copper pipes
  • Auto repairs

Accessory wise the Furno 750 is supplied with a concentrator nozzle for carrying out specific stripping, a wider flare nozzle for stripping larger areas, a reflector, glass protection nozzle and a scraper. The scraper tool is a 5 in 1 tool capable of carrying out scarping on different surfaces and angles.

The outer case doubles as a stand when put on its back. The cord section at the base has a platform which keeps it stable. The gun should be put in the case when not in use to allow to cool. It also has a hook so that it can hung up for storage and cooling.

The gun takes less than two minutes to get to full power and can be used in as quickly as 3o seconds.

The gun is ergonomically designed and is easy to hold for period of time. The cable is positioned neatly that it counterbalances the weight of the gun when in use.

It can easily be used with one hand in any direction and is easy to use overhead if needed.

The airflow capacity of the Wagner Furno 750 is 820 litres per minute. The Furn 750 is the premium model in the Furno range. There is also a Furno 300 and a Furno 500 available.

For the money the Furno 750 really is an outstanding heat gun capable of a range of projects around the home and a useful tool for DIY projects.

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Premium Version– DeWalt Premium Heat Gun

The DeWalt Premium Heat Gun is an outstanding tool for stripping paint.

Small enough to get into tricky corners with the included accessories but more than powerful enough to cover larger areas.

Ideal for indoor DIY projects such as stripping of paint from floorboards, staircase sections, shelves, tables, furniture, doors and windows.

The main features of the Dewalt Premium Heat Gun are:

  • Powerful 200W-watt motor
  • Excellent temperature control
  • LED screen for heat output
  • Kick stand for resting
  • Accessories included

The gun is lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy handling for periods of time. The gun can be stored on its side thanks to a fold out stand that store in the grip.

One drawback of this heat gun is that it isn’t supplied with a case, it does come with different attachment heads

The ajustable temperature output is a useful feature to slowly increase the necesary temperature. It is quick to get up to temperature.

It is pretty light coming in at under 1kg

This makes light work of stripping old paintwork.

The DeWalt Heatgun is ideal for the stripping paint and lacquer tasks:

  • Staircase Paints
  • Furniture paint
  • Windows and Doors
  • Wood paints

The DeWalt gun is great addition to your paint stripping DIY tools..

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Best Budget Version– Black + Decker KX1650 Heat Gun

The Black + Decker KX1650 detail is a great option to choose as a budget heat gun

It boasts a pretty impressive 1750W in power with two different heat settings airflow settings.

The main features of the Black + Decker KX1650W are:

  • Built-in stand
  • Two heat settings
  • Ideal for stripping paint and varnishes
  • Also handy for adhesives and thawing pipes
  • Temperature range between 460°C and 600°C

It tackles multiple coats of paint and the temperature control can be adjusted to suit the task. It heats up well and cools down. It cuts when in use for too long.

The power cable is only 2 metres in length which can be a drawback unless using an extension cord.

The balanced design allows use for longer periods of time.

A built in stand allows a hand free use but use with caution.

A useful paint stripping tool that comes with a great price tag.

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Heat guns are an ideal way of stripping back previously painted areas. Where a feature staircase or other original features such as architrave have been painted over it is now considered to look old fashioned by many. A way of bringing the wood back to its former glory is to strip the paint back to the original.

An efficient way to do this is by heat. The heat allows the paint to lift away from the surface and using scraping tools allows the paint to be taken away easier. Not all heat guns produce the same results. Look at the different temperature settings, some may operate too high and scorch the wood. It is always best to start at a lower setting then work your way up.

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