Best Glitter Paints & Sparkle Additives

Adding a touch of sparkle to the interior of your home has become easier with the emergence of glitter paints and additives. The emulsions available are ready to use straight from the can and the glitter additive can be added to emulsion paints to create your own design. We look at the best glitter paint and sparkle additives for walls.

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The No. 1 Glitter Paint for Walls

When looking at different gltter paints and additives we wanted to test to see the glitter effect, ease of use and to provide a long lasting flat finish.

The top spot based on these factors was the Glitter chalk Paint and additive by Hemway Chalk Paint with Glitter

Top Glitter Paints & Additives 2021

ProductGlitter TypeBuffing Pad Supplied:
Hemway Chalk Paint with GlitterPaint & AdditiveNo
V1rtus Silver Holographic GlitterAdditiveYes
Levaka Glitter for PaintAdditiveYes
My Glitter WallAdditiveNo
Polyvine Glitter GlazeClear Paint GlazeNo

1. Hemway Chalk Paint with Glitter

The Hemway Chalk Paint is a Matt finish coating with added glitter to add sparkle to walls and other items in the home.

The main features of Hemway Chalk Paint with Glitter are:

  • Available in a range of 25 different colours
  • It can be used on walls, furniture and woodwork
  • Matt type finish painting
  • Minimal sanding and priming required
  • Good coverage

The paint finish is smooth and flat despite the added glitter flakes. The paint is a water-based coating with little odour. Hemway also offers a glitter additive so that you can choose how much sparkle effect you want.

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2. V1rtus Silver Holographic Glitter Paint Additive

This pack of high quality glitter additive is manufactured in the UK by v1rtus. The glitter doesn’t cause a bleed in the paint and it is waterproof.

Features of V1rtus Glitter Paint Additive:

  • Can be used in all emulsion paints-plain, matt and silk
  • Supplied with two buffing pads, to enhance the glitter effect
  • Child safe
  • Temperature resistant to 230 degrees celsius
  • Creates stand out areas on a feature wall, chimney breasts and more
  • Available in a range of different colours

The additive is a perfect addition if you wish to add a dash of sparkle to a room in the house. The beauty of additive is you can add as little or as much as you want. The recommended quantities are stated on the pack to achieve the finish in a buffed or unbuffed condition. The glitter can be used in clear paint also.

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3. Levaka Glitter for Paint

Levaka glitter additive is an option to add extra shine and effect to a paint coating. The glitter reflects lighting to create a different feel to the room environment depending on the light conditions.

Features of Levaka Glitter Paint Additive:

  • Easy to mix
  • Child safe glitter and non-toxic
  • Two buffing pads included
  • Works best with Matt and Silk Emulsions
  • Waterproof glitter crystals

The glitter added provides a subtle shimmer to rooms in the home. Add the flakes to a DIY paint project. The glitter additive is provided with buff pads to create the shimmer effect, it removes the top dull layer of paint to create a polished effect. The paint will require two coats for maximum effect.

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4. My Glitter Wall

Another manufacturer of glitter paint additive to create glittery walls and ceilings is My Glitter Wall.

  • Works with Matt and Silk Emulsion Paints
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Non toxic and child safe
  • Large Glitter flakes
  • Fade resistant

The glitter by glitter wall is best used with emulsion paints and shouldn’t be used with other types of paint like kitchen and bathroom paints. The paint will need to be left to dry and then buffed to create the desired look. Helps to create a feature wall area to a room.

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5. Polyvine Glitter Glaze

The sparkling metallic glaze by Polyvine is a quality clear glaze with metallic glitter content that can used over internal and external walls and other areas to create a shiny look.

Main features of Polyvine Glitter Glaze:

  • Glaze dries clear
  • Provides a sparkly metal effect to areas
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Available in a range of colours

The paint is water-based and dries to a clear finish which allows you to paint over existing painted areas to create a new effect. The paint is a great alternative to messy mixing and having a more expensive glitter ready paint.

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Adding a touch of sparkle can create a stand out section within your living space. To create this effect there are two options. To buy the glitter paint ready-made or to make your own with an emulsion paint and glitter additive. Both options will create the same result but there is more time needed if going the additive option but you save money this way. Add a wow factor to your visitors by adding glitter to your paint.

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