The Best Garage Door Paint 2021

Garage Doors can take a bit of a pounding especially if used frequently. Due to their location and the type of equipment that passes through the paint coating will need to be tough and durable.

Paint colours can affect the look of the exterior of a property so choosing the right colour scheme to fit in with existing features like front doors or windows is suggested.

We look at the best garage door paint for upgrading the colour and protecting the door for years to come.

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The No. 1 Garage Door Paint

The top spot of the paints we have used was the Rusto-Oleum All surface paint.

The paint is an all in one primer and paint designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Garage Door Coating Comparison 2021

Garage Door PaintCoverage M2 Per LTin Sizes
Rust-Oleum All Surface Paint9750ml
Dulux Weathershield Multisurface10750ml
Hammerite Garage Door Paint8750ml
Blackfriar Satin Paint14125ml

The Best Garage Door Paint

1. Rust-Oleum All Surface Paint

The all-surface paint by Rust-Oleum is an ideal paint for garage doors but is also handy to have around as it will apply directly to a lot of common surfaces.

It can be applied by brush and roller.

It is a thin paint to apply so cover easily.

The all all surface paint is available in 15 different colours.

The main features of Rust-Oleum Surface Paint:

  • Paint and primer in one in product
  • Can be applied directly over metal and plastic garage doors
  • Touch dry in 2 hours
  • Durable paint formula for tough resistance

The paint is ideal for garage doors. It is touch dry after 2 hours and can be handled after 8. If another coat is required it has to be left for 16 hours.

We applied the slate grey and it dried back slightly lighter than we thought but we were pleased with the finished result.

It does have a strong smell so well ventilated areas are advised.

Paint goes on thin layers so will need overcoating maybe once or twice.

For a tough great finish this is a perfect choice.

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#2 Dulux Weathershield Multi Surface

The multi-surface paint by Dulux offers long-lasting protection once coated on Metal, Wood and uPVC garage doors.

It is touch dry in one hour and provides a mould resistant coating. Dulux offer six year weather protection with this paint.

It is an all in one coating but will take a few coats to cover 2-3.

The paint drys to a flexible film which is ideal for garage doors as they can can expand in heat.

Features of Dulux Weathershield Multi Surface:

  • Wipeable
  • Hard-wearing
  • No Primer Required
  • Rainproof
  • Suitable for metal, wood and uPVC.

This hard-wearing and wipeable paint is the top coat and primer in one.

Good ventilation should be provided when applying but this should normally be the case if applying externally. A good choice of paint fro garage doors that gives great weather protection.

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#3 Hammerite Garage Door paint

Available in six colours is this garage door paint by Hammerite who are owned by global coating company AkzoNobel.

This paint transforms and protects garage doors.

The garage door paint is an oil-based coating that is quite thick. It cleans off with white spirit but you may not want to use expensive brushes on it as you may well not be using it again!

It drys in 4 hours

A nice paint to apply to vertical sections as it is sag resistant.

The paint prevents rust and is chip and flake resistant and retains its colour over the years.

It can be applied directly over weathered galvanised surfaces.

The features of Hammerite Garage Door Paint:

  • High Gloss Finish
  • Reduced Runs.
  • Tough & Durable.
  • Resistant to chips.
  • For Metal and Wooden Doors

This paint can re-painted after 16 hours.

If your garage door is looking dated and tired and the existing paintwork is failing, then this paint is a great choice.

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#4 Blackfriar Satin Black paint

This Blackfriar paint is suitable for garage doors offering an attractive black satin finish

Provides an attractive, soft black satin finish for exterior wood and metal and transforms garage doors.

The paint is tough and durable and is easy to apply without runs appearing.

Main features of Blackfriar Satin Black paint:

  • One coat
  • Undercoat not required
  • Interior use
  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting white

The paint should be applied by brush or roller with a thick coat of paint, without spreading it too far. It is an oil-based coating that is formulated to last.

This paint should be left for a minimum of 16 hours before any touch-up areas are required.

The paint can be applied by spray, brush and roller.

Overall this paint gives great coverage.

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Garage doors are exposed to some pretty tough conditions. They are exposed to the weather and can take a bit of a beasting from moving objects in and out the garage

Maintaining the exterior will help keep the door looking at its best for longer. Painting every 4-6 years will not only keep the door looking modern but protect it from pollutants.

Colour trends vary from generation to the next but a classic garage door colour can transform the appearance..

It is important to check the reviews and data sheets to establish which product is the best fit for you.

The recommendations here are suitable for all budgets for a garage door painting project.

Carrying out DIY work can save money over hiring in professionals but it is important to get the correct choice of paint from the outset to prevent having to do it again.

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