The Best Fence Paint 2021

Modern trends dictate that paints are available in a huge range for homeowners. This has spilled out into the garden as well. Forget your old school dark brown creosotes, you can now go almost any colour in the garden. We look at the Best Fence & Shed Paints for protecting and improving the appearance of the garden.

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The No. 1 Fence Paint UK

When looking at the best fence paints we were looking at the amount of coats needed, the coverage and the finished article.

Based on these factors The top spot of the fence paints we applied was the Cuprinol Garden Shades range.

Comparison of Fence Paints

Fence PaintCoverage (m² per L)No. Of Colours
Cuprinol Garden ShadesSmooth planed wood

Brush: 10-12
Spray: 4-5

Johnstone’s Garden Colours Woodcare1220
Ronseal Garden Paint1224
T.A. Paints Garden Paint8-10Many BS and RAL Colours
HQC Garden Paint1037

#1 Cuprinol Garden Shades

The water based paint by Cuprinol is an excellent fence paint that has a visually pleasing finish. We applied the dusky gem colour on offer which dried back to a blueish grey.

We applied by brush to the fence panel, shed and rear access door. We found the coverage rate to be accurate as advertised on the Cuprinol site. It definitely takes two coats on the fence and shed panels.

Main features of Cuprinol Garden Shades Fence Paint:

  • 6 Year Weather Protection
  • Two Coat system protective and decorative paint
  • Aesthetically pleasing matt coloured finish
  • Suitable for wood and brick and stone work
  • Can be brushed or spray applied

The paint was easy to apply and wasn’t too thick or thin but just the right consistency.

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#2 Johnstone’s Garden Colours Woodcare

The Garden Colours woodcare range by Johnstone’s has been developed to allow you to spruce up fences, sheds, and wooden furniture. A quality exterior garden paint. The paint colours come in some bright options and will allow the homeowner to put their personality in their garden.

Features of Johnstone’s Garden Colours:

  • Four years protection on fences, shed and garden furniture
  • Easy Application
  • Quick drying formula
  • Available in range of colours
  • Rich coloured exterior paint

The paint consistency ensures it is easy to apply by brush.

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#3 Ronseal Garden Paint

The Ronseal Garden paint is a superb paint for adding personality to normally drab areas of the garden. The paint can be used over a variety of materials including brick stone and metal ( you may need a suitable primer first). This allows you to paint garden furniture, plant pots, and other areas in the garden.

Main Features of Ronseal Garden Paint:

  • Paint can also be used, but also on terracotta, brick, stone and metal (with suitable primer)
  • Rainproof in 1 hour.
  • Longer lasting protection.
  • Range of colours
  • Ideal for fences, sheds, and summer houses.

If you are looking to make features out of certain objects then this may be the option for you.

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#4 Multi Purpose Oil Based Garden Paint for Fences & Sheds

The Garden Fence and Shed paint by T.A Paints are available in a large range of colours-RAL and BS. This large spectrum allows you to choose pretty much any colour which is unusual for garden paints. The paint coating is developed by T A Paints who manufacture industrial paints. This results in a long-lasting quality coating.

Main features of T.A Paints Garden Coating:

  • Long-Lasting & Durable Gloss
  • Fast Dry Time
  • Use the paint directly from the tin no catalyst required
  • High-Performance Finish
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray

Designed by an industrial paint manufacturer you can expect this oil based coating to last.

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#5 HQC Garden Paint

The HQC garden paint protects against external elements on wooden fences, sheds, summer houses, trellises, planters, and more.

Main features of HQC Garden Paint:

  • Adds long-lasting colour and protection
  • Waterproofs which helps the surface to repel water
  • Comes in 37 natural colours
  • Applied by brush roller or sprayer
  • Product is water-based, so it is harmless to plants and pets

A quality paint that not only provides a visual upgrade by allows protection to the wooden surfaces it is applied to.

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Garden Fence & Shed Paint Buying Guide

Colour & Finish

Garden colours used to be drab and dull but the colour range and spectrum has opened up over the past few years.

Grey fence paint is popular at the moment. It certainly flavour of the month for UPVC windows, doors, office windows, cars and that has transferred over to the garden area as well.

Most fence paints can be used on other areas of the garden like:

  • Sheds
  • Summer Houses and Out Buildings
  • Terracotta and Stone
  • Planters and trestles

It is best to read the paint can for what areas they are suitable for.

Weather Protection

Different makes and manufacturers usually state how long they expect the coating to protect from the weather. This is especially important in external areas. Expect to pay more for extra protection. These coatings have extra additives to help protect from rain, wind, cold and UV rays.


Painting fences has become even easier in recent years with advances in spray technologies. Fence paint can normally be brush applied but also spray applied. Certain manufacturers sell the paint with a spray gun.

Read the paint tin to see which methods the coating has been developed for.


Adding a splash of colour is now easy to achieve with modern garden paint coatings that have been developed to protect surfaces. Regularly coating the surfaces of external objects helps to prolong the life of them, especially wooden areas. It is advised to invest in a quality garden wood paint which mean that you will have to paint less frequently.

The paints we have mentioned are available for a range of budgets.

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