The Best Exterior Masonry Paint 2021

The best exterior masonry paint is a coating that protects as well as offering a visually pleasing finish.

UK weather conditions can vary daily and some days houses could be exposed to 3-4 different seasons.

So it needs to be tough and durable whilst also offering a pleasing visual appearance.

We take a look at masonry paints that are designed to protect your external brick work and render.

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Best Masonry Paints UK


The best overall exterior masonry paint is Dulux Weathershield

Best Premium

The best premium masonry paint is Dulux Trade Weathershield

Best Budget

The best budget option is Sandtex Masonry Paint

Exterior Masonry Paint Comparison

External Masonry PaintCoverage per LitreRe-coatable Drying Time (Hours)
Dulux Weathershield Masonry15 m24
Dulux Trade Weathershield16 m22-4
Sandtex Masonry Paint16 m23-4

Best Masonry Paint- Dulux Weathershield

For ultimate protection on the exterior of your homes masonry look no further than Dulux Weathershield.

The Weathershield masonry paint is available in a smooth masonry and textured masonry finish.

The high performance paint is specifically designed to protect against the elements that can batter houses in the UK climate.

Dulux suggest that the product lasts for up-to fifteen years if applied to their described standard.

Th paint itself is an acrylic resin which helps the coating bond to the surface and last.

Coverage rate is up to 15 m2 per litre on smooth rendering. Always take coverage rates with a pinch of salt and subtract a bit!

It is a two coat system and it can recoated after four hours. It is however, according to Dulux, rainproof in up to 30 minutes after application.

It is advisable to paint in dry conditions over ten degrees celsius in temperature.

Dulux supply Weathershield smooth masonry in a range of sizes starting from 5L up to 10 Litres tins.

We used the County Cream colour.

The paint has very good opacity.

It flows brilliantly and makes application by brush and roller simple.

Some of the key features of the Dulux Weathershield Masonry are:

  • A tough and durable coating
  • Rainproof
  • Quick drying- 4 hours to recoat
  • Dirt, mould and algae resistant
  • Can be used internally and externally

It is a very thick paint to use and applies brilliantly. It can be watered down as it a waterbased paint and we have had success with spraying this product in the past.

Weathershield is available in any of the Dulux colour spectrum

The paint adheres to a range of masonry substrates but it is always advisable to test a small patch, as with all coatings.

If applying over previously coated masonry it is advisable to use the Dulux Weathershield stabilising primer.

The paint isn’t suitable for common or fletton brick.

Dulux stand behind this product so much that they are confident it will last as long as you live at your home- thats some claim especially with UK weather conditions.

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Best Premium Masonry Paint– Dulux Trade Weathershield

For the ultimate protection and finish the trade version of Weathershield is a quality product.

The paint is shower resistant after only 30 minutes of application.

It is a quality product and we have never experience any problems with it.

This coating has the best opacity out of all the masonry paints that we have used.

It covers well and applies upto 16m2 per litre on smoother surfaces.

For best results it is a two coat paint system.

Method of application can be brush, roller or spray applied.

The paint will have to be watered down a fair bit to atomise and spray as this paint is so thick

Also there isn’t the strong odours that you get with oil based gloss. It can take a bit of getting used to however, but its worth sticking with as the finished result is great.

The main features of the Dulux Trade Masonry are:

  • Quick Drying- Shower resistant within 30 mins
  • Water-based, low odour and more environmentally friendly
  • Brilliant Opacity
  • Stays Clean
  • Non Drip

The Weathershield trade paint creates a barrier which offers more protection against harmful UV rays, atmospheric pollutants and cold, wind and rain.

The Weathershield trade finish is the choice of professional decorators and that should suggest that this is the superior masonry product. It is certainly our recommendation.

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Best Budget Option- Sandtex Masonry Smooth

Sandtex is manufactured by Crown paints.

Once dried it has a higher gloss sheen level than the other two products.

If you have a lot of marks and scuffs you might want to avoid this particular paint especially on flatter surfaces.

Regardless of that fact this is a quality paint for the pricing point.

It is hardwearing and easy to apply.

The paint is suitable for application to render, concrete, pebbledash, blocks and facing brick. It can also be applied over previously coated surfaces.

Application is by brush, roller and we have sprayed this product by airless with great results.

It takes a while to dry back. It needs a minimum of two coats.

The main features of the Sandtex Ultra Smooth Masonry are:

  • Thick easy to apply paint
  • Durable external coating
  • Dirt reistant
  • Breathable coating
  • Mould resistant

It can be re-coated in 3-4 hours.

It is extremely durable and offers a guarantee of 15 years protection.

A great choice of masonry coating

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A quality masonry paint will last a long time and you needn’t worry about coating again anytime soon.

When purchasing always look for the length of time the product should last for.

Masonry paint is designed for external masonry only because of heir inclusion of biocides to fight mould and algae.

Try and factor in the weather when re-coating the external of your house.

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