Best Decorator Filler for DIY

When an interior room requires painting or re-coating an important part of the task is the preparation of the existing surfaces. With movements in houses, other DIY repair work and wear and tear there can often be gaps, cracks, and holes to fix. We look at the Best Decorator Filler for your next DIY painting project.

The fillers we review here are suitable for interior walls and ceilings.

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The No. 1 Decorator Filler

The top spot of the decorators fillers we applied was the Toupret Redlite.

We like the dry time of the filler as it allows us to paint over after just 30 minutes of drying. This can help where there is only small areas of filling before you need to get on with the painting.

Top Ten Decorator Fillers 2021

Interior FillerAmount SuppliedDry Time Before Painting
Toupret Redlite Filler4 Litres30 minutes
Polycell Ready Mixed Tub Deep Gap1 Litre2 hours
Ronseal Smooth Finish Filler600 g1 hour
Everbuild One Strike Multi-Purpose2.5 Litre40 minutes
Toupret Interior Filler 1 kg30 minutes
Everbuild EVBFILL5 All Purpose1.5 kg1 hour
Ronseal Smooth Finish Filler900 g1-2 hours
Tetrion DTE068 All Purpose600 ml24 hours
Everbuild Flexible Decorators Filler200 ml1 hour
Caulk Once310 ml1 hour

#1 TOUPRET 57139 Redlite

Toupret Redlite Filler is one a range of professional decorator fillers but this is available to purchase for the DIY enthusiast. The main advantage of this particular filler is the speed in which it drys and is ready to overcoat. 30 minutes and it is dry enough to paint over. When you are pushed for time this is the filler you need.

It is also ready mixed available to apply straight from the tub. It doesn’t shrink or crack after application.

It is a lightweight paste mix and fills small holes and defect in one application.

Suitable for:

  • Plaster
  • Plasterboard
  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Wood

It is supplied in an extra white colour.

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#2 Polycell Ready Mixed Tub Deep Gap Polyfilla

Polycell Ready-mixed tub deep gap filler is ideal for filler larger cracks and gaps up to 20mm wide. A big brand name in the UK DIY market this filler is available to apply straight from the tub. Avoiding extra mess and clean up.

This filler is available for big gaps up to 2 cm in width and is applied in one application without sagging. The filler is easy to sand and coat over once dried. Ideal for plaster and plasterboard and gaps in between skirting board and the wall. Ideal for interior use only.

Filling knife required along with sandpaper.

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#3 Ronseal Smooth Finish Filler Hairline Crack 

This filler by Ronseal is ideal for smaller cracks that appear when there is movement in a house. Ideal for repairing small cracks in plaster, stone, concrete, and wood. The product comes ready mixed and can be applied straight from the container.

The finish is extremely smooth once applied. It can be rubbed with a fine grade sandpaper the it is ready for overcoating. the product is supplied in a white colour.

An acrylic polymer solution, this filler can be overcoat after an hour.

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#4 Everbuild One Strike Multi-Purpose Ready To Use Filler

This all-round purpose filler by Everbuild is ready to go straight from the tub. It has an extremely quick drying time of 30 minutes and dries to a smooth finish. It doesn’t sag and is ideal for DIY projects on interior walls.

It can fill gaps and cracks on brick, ceilings, skirting areas, coving, plasterboard, plaster, stone, and wood. It fills up to 75mm deep in one application.

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#5 Toupret Interior Filler 1kg

Another filling solution offered by Toupret. This is a high strength filler suitable for most indoor filling repairs. Once mixed with water the filler is ready to be applied within one minute. Please remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on mixing. It is easy to prepare and if stored in the correct packaging and environment will last for many DIY projects.

It drys to a smooth finish within 30 minutes and it is ready to overcoat without cracking or shrinking. This is ideal for people who are pressed for time on their project and one coat of filler should suffice for minor gaps and cracks.

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#6  Everbuild EVBFILL5 All Purpose Powder Filler 

This powder filler are available in different size bags depending on how much prep and painting work that you have coming up. This product will require water to be mixed with. The filler is able to be applied a minute after the mixing has finished.

This Everbuild product dries in just over an hour. This filler has added PVA which ensures that it doesn’t crack or shrink once dry. It is suitable for nails and screws to be accepted when dry.

This filler is suitable for:

  • Plasterboard and plaster
  • render
  • Brickwork
  • Stone
  • Wood
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#7 Ronseal Smooth Finish Filler Multi-Purpose Ready Mixed

This large tub of ready-made multi-purpose filler is ready to apply straight from the get-go. Suitable for smooth repairs to stone, plaster, concrete, and wood. This particular tub comes with an extra 50% free.

The filler is ready for overcoating about 1-2 hours after application depending on the conditions it has been applied in. It is an acrylic polymer solution. Strong enough to drill once fully dry.

The mix results in smooth fine finish once it has dried. It applies well and last without shrinking or cracking.

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#8 Tetrion DTE068 All Purpose Filler Ready Mixed

This decorators filler is a ready-mixed solution, ready to apply directly from the tub. It is available for interior and exterior use. It is water and weather resistant.

This product is tougher than some fillers that are suitable for fine filling. This product is resistant to cracking, vibration and shrinking. It can be used on various surfaces such as wood, concrete, plaster. It is available in bright white colour.

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#9 Everbuild Flexible Decorators Filler – White

This flexible multi purpose filler is ready to be applied straight from the tube. No applicator gun and no mixing save on time and mess.

The filler can be painted over within one hour of applying. Ideal for filling gaps or damage in existing plaster prior to painting. This product can be used around door frame, window frames, skirting boards, architrave, stair sections. This is an acrylic based solution.

Ideal size to store ready for emergencies.

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#10 Caulk Once

Caulk Once is a high performing filler and sealant in one. It is tack-free 15 minutes after application and can be overpainted within an hour. The Caulk is a polymer solution and is a great product for sealing and filling minor cracks and gaps before a painting project.

The caulk adheres well to surfaces and doesn’t shrink back as much as comparable products.

Suitable for damaged plasterwork and for filling around door frames, window frames, skirting, coving, ceiling cornices. Ideal size for toolboxes.

You will need an applicator for this product

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A decorator filler is a vital part of the painting process, whether it is on a wall or ceiling and around skirting, coving, anywhere that a gap or hole appears.

Choosing the best filler for the job will save you time. There are a variety of options available depending on the repairs that are needed. If you are in a rush, then choosing a ready mixed product with a quick drying time will aid you.

If you have a lot of repairs throughout the house, then a powder option will enable you to mix up small batches as and when and will be more cost effective in the long run.

Whether there are small cracks or large holes there are products available to help you. Good luck on your next project!

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