Best Bathroom Paint UK 2021

Bathrooms in the home have a lot of traffic as well as being exposed to warm moisture from hot showers and baths. The paint used in this room needs to be tough and to be able to withstand high moisture levels. We look at the best bathroom paint for refreshing bathroom walls and ceilings in your home.

The top spot of the paints is Dulux Easycare Bathroom Paint

Bathrooms Paint Comparison 2021

Bathroom PaintCoverage (per Litre)Drying Time (Re-coat)
Dulux Easycare Bathroom13m26 hours
Johnstones Bathroom Midsheen12m22 hours
Leyland Trade12m23-4 hours
Dryzone Anti Mould Paint10-12m22 hours
HQC Bathroom15m24 Hours

#1 Dulux Easycare Paint

The Easycare Bathroom Paint by Deluxe is available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L tins and is available in the deluxe range of colours. The paint will need two coats but the coating itself is tough and resistant to high traffic and moisture.

Compared to other Dulux emulsions it is ten time tougher and protects against mould for five years.

Main Features of this Dulux Bathroom Paint are:

  • Extremely tough resistance to steam and moisture
  • Soft Sheen Finish
  • Two Coat System
  • Mouldtec Formulation protects against mould.

This Dulux Easycare is a durable high quality bathroom paint and designed to last in wet environments. The finish is a soft sheen and is a cost effective way of protecting bathroom walls and ceilings.

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#2 Johnstone’s Bathroom Paint

The bathroom mid-sheen paint by Johnstones is a great choice for ceilings and walls in a bathroom environment. The paint has to be designed to resist stains and moisture. The coating is extremely durable and protects in areas of condensation.

The main features of this Johnstone’s paint are:

  • Moisture resistant coating
  • Fully wipeable- perfect for high traffic
  • Has a mid sheen finish after application
  • Stain resistant paint

This wipeable paint can be cleaned on walls and ceilings lightly with soapy water. It cover 12m2 per litre and it drys in 1-2 hours. Available in twelve colours to transform your bathroom ceilings and walls.

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#3 Leyland Trade Acrylic Eggshell


This trade grade paint by Leyland is a tough durable hard wearing paint used by painters and decorators. The paint is suitable for busy bathrooms

Main features of the Leyland Trade Acrylic paint:

  • The manufacturer states it’s 11 times tougher than vinyl silk.
  • It is suitable for kitchen, bathrooms and busy areas
  • It is stain and moisture resistant
  • Available in 2.5L and 5L tins

This Leyland paint is a good choice for re-coating bathroom walls and ceilings to protect against moisture and condensation that these rooms are exposed to.

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#4 Dryzone Anti Mould Paint

This anti mould paint is perfect for a bathroom environment as the paint formulation has been manufactured to prevent the growth of mould.

Main Features of this Dryzone Paint are:

  • Designed by experts in damp proofing
  • The paint protects against black mould
  • Effective against condensation
  • Professional strength paint formulation
  • Available in 1L and 5L tins

Although not strictly a bathroom paint, this paint is used in wet areas to prevent mould and is suitable for coverage here. The paint is available in brilliant white and magnolia and is great for walls and ceilings.

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#5 HQC Bathroom and Kitchen Paint

This paint by HQC has been especially formulated for superior protection against mould and bacteria growth.

Features of the HQC Bathroom & Kitchen Paint are:

  • It helps to reduce heatless through walls and ceilings
  • Water-based but washable
  • Outstanding breathability coating
  • Dries to mid-sheen finish
  • Resists moisture, stains, and grease.

This range of paints by HQC is available in 24 different colours and protects against mould for unto 5 years. The breathable layer allows any moisture to evaporate preventing future moisture damage.

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Bathroom and areas of high moisture and condensation require hard-wearing, durable coating formulations. It is important to choose reputable brands with quality behind their name. This is important as you want to be tried and tested in bathroom environments where the paint will resist mould and damp air. The paints listed here have been manufacturing and researching their products over a number of years.

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