The Best Anti-Mould Additive for Paint

The best anti-mould additive allows you to add an effective ingredient to your paint to fight against fungicides, mildew and other harmful growth spores.

If you have purchased paint already this is a cost-effective way for helping to prevent mould rather than acquiring specialised paint.

Mould and growth spores can irritate and cause health conditions so it best to treat the existing areas wearing the correct protective equipment before applying any coatings. Condensation, rising damp and humidity can all contribute to the growth of mould and mildew.

Please do not ignore any areas of mould growth as they can cause health problems for the more vulnerable people including youngsters and those with existing health conditions.

The reviews are based on hands on use by experienced applicators.

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The No. 1 Anti Mould Additive for Paint

The top spot of the anti-mould additives we added to paint was Kair Anti Mould Additive

This additive is excellent at protecting against fungus and mildew growth.

Anti Mould Additive Comparison

Anti Mould AdditiveRatio Additive to PaintPot Size
Kair Anti Mould Additive50ml per 2.5L50ml
Dryzone Anti-Mould Additive100ml per 5L100ml
Rempro Mould Treat Paint Additive100ml per 5L100ml
Mould Pro (Trade Size)500ml per 50L500ml
Owatrol Mould Killer Paint Additive50ml per 10L50ml

The Best Anti Mould Paint Additive

1. Kair Anti Mould Additive

The anti-mould additive for paint by Keir range is an ideal way of combating nasty mould growth in a home.

Any paint that you have can be turned into an anti-mould coating to protect against mould and fungus in the home using Kair additive.

The 50ml pot will turn 2.5L of paint into a anti-mould coating that once applied helps to prevent the growth of mould.

The main features of Kair Anti Mould Additive:

  • Helps combat against toxic black mould growth
  • A 50 ml pot converts 2.5 litres of paint
  • Suited for any environments especially kitchen and Bathroom environments.
  • Easy to use-just stir in.
  • Can also be added to wallpaper past and tile grout

A developed tried and tested formula that will last the lifespan of the paint.

The formula should be mixed thoroughly to ensure that the paint is completely protected. Since we used this over two years we have had no signs of mould appearing on the bathroom ceiling.

To create a durable anti-mould coating with any paint this is a perfect choice.

2. Dryzone Anti Mould Additive

Dryzone Anti Mould Paint additive is a biocidal agent that when added to paint helps to resist mould growth.

The beauty of additive rather than a mould protective coating is that it can be added to any branded paint you like which means that you are not restricted to colour or finish.

Dryzone state that once dried the surface will resist growth of mould for a minimum of 5 years.

Once the paint is dry the additive does not interfere with the wash quality of the coating.

Features of Dryzone Anti Mould Additive:

  • Creates a mould resistant coating when added to paint
  • Compatible with emulsion paints
  • Helps to combat mould for at least 5 year
  • Easy to use
  • Adds protection for 5 litres of paint

Dryzone additive can also be added to grout and wallpaper paste.

A good choice of paint additive for protecting your home especially your kitchen and bathroom.

3. Rempro Mould Treat Paint Additive

Mould Treat Paint Additive by Rempro protects homes against unsightly and heath hazardous mould spores.

Ideal for kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms and other areas prone to humidity and condensation.

When added to emulsion it combines to make an effective anti mould coating protecting against black mould.

The features of Rempro Mould Treat Paint Additive:

  • Excellent resistance to mould but without harmful biocides.
  • Simply stir into the paint coating
  • Eliminates Black Mould Growth.
  • highly effective
  • Use with any paint emulsion

If you have areas prone to mould growth, then this mould paint additive is a great choice.

4. Mould Pro

This Mould pro paint additive is at trade size mix and strength.

With the addition of this mould protecting additive the paint should protect against mould growth for a long time.

Main features of Mould Pro Paint addictive:

  • Eliminates and prevents black mould
  • Strong formula designed for professionals
  • Treats Mould, mildew and fungus
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used in Paint, Wallpaper Paste and Tile Grout

The anti mould paint additive comes in a large quantity, ideal for adding to paint for whole house such as when renovating or decorating a rental property.

5. Owatrol Mould Killer Paint Additive

This Owatrol Mould killer Paint Additive is designed to add to paint to protect against mould growth.

The anti mould additive can be added to most paints to prevent mould growth through out high risk areas of mould.

Those suffering from humidity and condensation, namely kitchen and bathrooms as well as utility rooms can be painted with this mixture to prevent mould.

Main features of Owatrol Anti-Mould Paint Additive:

  • Tropical Strength Mould killer
  • Powerful and long lasting mould and algae killer
  • Long term protection from mould, suitable for most paints
  • Add 5ml per 1L of paint

This additive offers long term protection against unsightly and harmful mould.

Overall this paint additive protects against mould growth in the home..


Areas of high humidity and damp can cause mould to develop when there isn’t adequate ventilation in an area. The mould may not necessarily develop in the room where the source of the damp or humid conditions originate and may travel to another area in the house.

It is important to try and address the cause of the mould as it will continue to grow. Existing mould should carefully be cleaned using protective equipment and appropriate cleaners where necessary.

Mould spores can be harmful to your family’s health so please do not ignore any signs of mould developing.

A mould additive can be a useful agent in helping combat

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