The Best Airless Paint Sprayer

The best airless paint sprayer allow the user to apply lots of paint in very little time.

Painter and decorators are transferring over to spraying because of the advantages of paint finish and speed. Whole houses can be coated with emulsion in a day or two.

This is ideal for painting plastered rooms, external masonry, commercial and retail units

These reviews are for airless paint sprayers designed for those who plan on using for occasional DIY, decorators who wish to add to their skill set and landlords and maintenance companies who carry out a lot of internal painting work.

Use of PPE is advised when operating airless sprayers, i.e googles, mask and gloves.

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Best Airless Paint Sprayer UK in 2021


The best overall Airless Sprayer for spraying walls and ceilings is the Wagner Airless ControlPro 250M

Best Premium

The best premium Airless Paint Sprayer is the Q-Tech QT 650. Sprays emulsions, intumescents and high solid paints

Best Budget

The best budget option is the Graco Magnum project Painter Plus

Airless Paint Sprayer Comparison

Airless Paint SprayerMax PressureVoltage
Wagner Airless ControlPro 250M1600 PSI110V
Q Tech QT 6503300 PSI110V
Magnum Project Painter PlusĀ 2800 PSI110V

1. Wagner Airless ControlPro 250M- Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Walls & Ceilings

For a high quality finish but at a great price look no further than Wagner Airless Controlpro 250M.

The airless machine is perfect for DIY enthusiasts or painter who have a requirement a few times a year.

It is ideal for application of walls paint, lacquers and stains to objects around the home.

The unit itself is mounted on a handy stand that also doubles as a carry stand.

Paint flows brilliantly and makes application simple even for a beginner .

With this being a a beginner unit you would expect to it struggle with some of then more thicker coatings but it does well for its size.

Some of the key features of the Wagner Airless ControlPro are:

  • Can be used for interior and exterior paints
  • Easy to apply- good flow
  • Pumps direct from paint tin
  • Good control and less overspray
  • Can be used with water based and solvent based

Wagner claim that the with its latest HEA(High Efficency Airless) technology that it reduces overspray by 50% and this was certainly the case when we applied some emulsion to walls and ceiling in a living room project.

It is capable of spraying both water and solvent based paint that will cover a room in no time at all.

A perfect solution for spraying entire houses and will cover 15m2 in less than 3 minutes. Landlords and home maintenance staff would get great use form a unit like this.

The machine weighs in at less than 8kg so is perfect for moving around.

The supplied spray gun is easy to operate and comes with a comfortable two finger trigger that enables longer spraying time.

We have used this product with great success on exterior decking and interior decoration projects. A great bit of kit for DIY and trades with medium sized painting projects.

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2. Q-Tech QT650– Best Premium Airless for Commercial Use

US manufacturer Q tech produce a professional grade airless unit that is designed to be used frequently and pump out large volumes of paint.

The unit comes in a 110V for those who work on building and refurbishment sites and 240V for those who are DIYers or work domestically.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor projects such as the painting of commercial units especially intumescent coating, cladding coatings and exterior masonry.

This is a commercial grade option and because of this it is assumed that you will have a level of training or experience before operating. It can take a bit of getting used to however, but it is worth sticking with as the finished result is great.

The main features of the Q Tech QT650 are:

  • Commercial Grade Airless Spray Unit
  • Will spray most coatings including intumescents
  • Will support the use of two guns at the same time.
  • Includes high performance gun and tip
  • Can be used constantly

Areas where this machine can be applied

  • Internal walls and ceilings
  • External walls- masonry, brick, render and cladding
  • Metal roofs
  • Suspended ceilings and ceiling soffits

The machine comes with a two year manufacturers warranty. It is also supplied with Tritech T360 spray gun and a Tritech 517 spray tip which are both commercial grade.

The machine is comfortable spraying paints with a solid content of up to 70%.

The paint is touch dry in up to an hour and shouldnt be recoated for upto 6 hours.

For the ultimate spray unit that is built to last and spray lots of items, the Q Tech QT 650 is a great choice.

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3. Magnum Project Painter Plus- Best budget Airless for Occasional Use

For the homeowner who loves to DIY this is the bit of equipment for you, especially those who are new to Airless paint spraying.

Acrylic or water-based paints can both be sprayed with the airless unit. The suction pump will deliver the paint straight from a 5L- 25L tin.

The unit is aimed at those who spray less than 250 lites of paint per year, so isn’t really advised as a commercial option.

It is great at spraying emulsion onto walls and ceilings and exterior masonry paint. It also handy for spraying decking paints onto larger decks.

The pressure can be controlled on the unit allowing for less paint to be pumped out. there is also a true airless spray tip with a a control valve on. It is an American unit and will need to be configured to UK plug (110V) and used with a transformer.

The main features of the Magnum Project Painter Plus are:

  • Stainless steel piston pump
  • Can adjust pressure control
  • Easy to clean-connects straight to a garden hose
  • Handy storage compartments for accessories
  • Compact design

The storage compartment ensures there is space to store the spray gun and extra spray tips.

Graco make a lot of machines designed for the US market primarily but useful accessories include pressure roller, tip extensions and additional hoses for larger projects.

It has a compact design which has been well though out in regards to where the stands are and how the hoses and cables are stored.

An excellent starter Airless spray unit.

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Airless spray machines have been popular in the USA for the last few decades as an effective method of applying paint on building and refurbishment projects.

The UK market is playing catch up but brush traditionalists are slowly moving to this technology as the find the benefits of speed and finish.

The range of machines depends upon the paint application, if you are just using for areas of emulsion then lower PSI models are fine but if you intend on spraying paints with high amounts of solids like specialist paints for cladding, exterior masonry or intumescent coatings then more powerful units will be required.

Although spraying with airless technology has become easier due to the control set, training is advised on the basic functions and clean up.

Some trade paint providers like Dulux, PPG and Crown occasionally run open days with free training on airless spraying technique.

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