About Us

Who Are We?

At a  Lick of Paint we look at the paint and coatings available on the UK  markets.

From our experience as painting and decorating contractors we will offer reviews based on extensive use of the products we have used.

Applying Varnish to Wood

The reviews are completely independent and we source the products ourselves. There is no influence over any reviews.

The website has been setup to offer genuine help and advice based on the knowledge we have built up over the last 20 years in the industry.

The reviews are based on previous use of the products. There will be links on this site that may link out to some affiliate partners.

If the product is purchased we may receive a small fee. The money goes towards the maintenance and running of the website. 

The reviews will be updated when new products come to market and offer superior results compared to existing paints, coatings and tools.

Our Aim

We aim to offer the best advice and be the number 1 resource for paints and coatings in the UK.

All reviews are based on extensive testing.

Paint Brush on Wooden floor


A Lick of Paint was set up by Anthony who was worked in the paint coating industry for the past 20 years.

In his day to day role he is often asked advice on the best coatings to be applied to different surfaces and the durability of these products. 

From the day to day questions about paint, coatings and application the idea of A Lick of Paint was born.

Anthony has a background in paint application and has also worked as a painting estimator and contracts manager. 

He has worked with both DIY and commercial grade paints with all major UK paint manufacturers.