UK Paint Advice & Reviews for Home DIY

Why Are We Interested in Paint?

Not all paints are created equally. Each paint has on the market has been specially engineered by their manufacturers after time spent researching.

They test and make each coating to provide a product to excel at its job.

Paint that can last time on wood, metal, masonry or plastic.

The life expectancy of the paint differs between products and brands.

After spending time using these coatings we decided her at A Lick Of Paint to give guides on how to apply the paint and to suggest which paints to use when undertaking DIY projects.

New products are introduced as the technology advances so we will update our guides and reviews when these products are launched.

Who are A Lick Of Paint?

The website was set up by Anthony who has worked in the painting and coatings industry for the past twenty years.

He along with painting colleagues decided to share their tips from commercial painting and decorating so that you have guidance when carrying out DIY decoration projects.

You can read more in our about us section.

What You Can Expect of Us

If you need to apply paint or coating we aim to provide a guide on the best ways of paint application that we have learnt over the years.

We will try and give as much information that you need to complete the tasks and provide detailed reviews so that you can use the best product from the outset.

The articles are regularly updated to ensure that any new products from UK Paint Manufacturers or advice is advised.

As the site grows we will add new review categories and information.

All reviews are unbiased and not provided by the manufacturer or any supplier and it is for this reason that if you click on any links for products to Amazon or external affiliates we may receive a small percentage if you decide to buy.

These fees help to maintain and run this website.

All content is written by A Lick of Paint.